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Test procedure

Create a database cluster, start a server instance, and create two databases.

$ initdb -E UTF8 --locale=C -U postgres
$ pg_ctl -w start
$ createdb -U postgres nucleus
$ createdb -U postgres nucleus2

Download the test suite of DataNucleus AccessPlatform. The test suite is a separate bundle from the DataNucleus AccessPlatform.

Perform some preliminary builds in the test suite by following the steps described here.

$ cd framework
$ mvn clean install
$ cd ../framework.maven
$ mvn clean install
$ cd ../samples
$ mvn clean install

Finally, run various tests. I ran the following command in jdo/general, jdo/jta, jdo/rdbms, jpa/general, jpa/jta, jpa/rdbms.

$ mvn clean test -Ppostgresql