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In an effort to improve the quality of the official PostgreSQL documentation, this group is attempting to read through sections of the documentation to improve wording, clarify phrases, and correct errors. These are examples (diff 1, diff2 ) of changes made by Bruce Momjian to the first 500 manual pages. The diff changes only two lines per page, on average, meaning the PostgreSQL documentation is already very good. Proofreading the documentation is simply an attempt to take the documentation from good to great.

The current plan is for individuals to work on the remaining sections. The process involves:

  • print or download the documentation in a format that can be easily marked up
  • read the documentation and make adjustments to improve wording, clarify phrases, and correct errors
  • email your changes in any electronic format or postal mail the marked-up printout to Bruce Momjian.

Bruce will review your changes and see that the changes are merged into the official documentation. If you would like print your section locally, Bruce can have EnterpriseDB reimburse you for the expense --- the cost per section is usually around USD $20. PDF versions of the development documentation are available (A4, US). You can build a more recent version using the instructions at Documentation if you're lucky--getting the docs to build can be difficult.

Please claim an item by putting your name and the date next to the item you would like to proofread. Proofreading can be both rewarding and mind-numbing, so feel free to claim only part of a book by splitting the table entries.

Book Pages % of Manual Notes Proofreader Start Date End Date
Tutorial 24 1% Bruce Momjian 2008-03-01 2009-04-01
SQL Language 325 15% Bruce Momjian 2008-03-01 2009-04-01
Server Administration 201 9% Bruce Momjian 2009-04-01 2010-02-03
Client Interfaces 105 5% Except chapters: 31 libpq C Library
libpq 70 3% Leslie S Satenstein 2011-01-10
Server Programming 150 7% Except chapters: 36. The Rule System,
39. PL/TCL Procedural Language, and
42. Server Programming Interface
Erik Rijkers 2010-01-22 2010-11-01
Server Programming 89 4% Only chapters: 36. The Rule System,
39. PL/TCL Procedural Language, and
42. Server Programming Interface
Reference: SQL Commands 376 17% gabrielle 2011-01-13
Client Applications 85 4% First draft done, 2009-02-16 gabrielle 2010-01-22 2010-03-23
Server Applications 22 1% gabrielle 2011-01-13 2011-03-09
Internals 168 8% Greg Smith 2010-01-22
Appendixes 536 25% Skip release notes