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This is the page for CommitFest starting 2008 September

Closed commitfest

This commitfest is now closed

All items in this commitfest have been reviewed and actioned. If you have a new patch to submit, please add it at CommitFestOpen.

Pending patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers

Committed Patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers
Unsigned Integer data types Committed to PgFoundry 2008-08-28 Ryan Bradetich

Jaime Casanova

Ryan Bradetich says: Revision 2 (1 of 2) core
Ryan Bradetich says: Revision 2 (2 of 2) tests
Jaime Casanova says: Some thoughts and subsequent discussion here
Ryan Bradetich says: Revision 3 (1 of 2) core
Ryan Bradetich says: Revision 3 (2 of 2) tests
pg_dumpall lock timeout Committed 2008-08-29 David Gould


psql help corrections Committed 2008-08-29 Simon Riggs


pgbench minor fixes Committed 2008-08-22 Simon Riggs


suset log temp files Committed 2008-08-22 Simon Riggs


Make some internal SRF functions use output parameters Committed 2008-08-25 Jaime Casanova

Magnus Hagander

Fixing bug in combocid.c Committed 2008-09-01 Karl Schnaitter

Heikki Linnakangas

Fix potential memleak in gram.y Committed 2008-09-02 Marko Kreen

Tom Lane

Report details if module has wrong magic block Committed 2008-09-03 Marko Kreen

Tom Lane

Code coverage Committed 2008-09-05 Michelle Caisse

Peter Eisentraut

Test citext casts Committed 2008-09-05 David Wheeler

Ryan Bradetich

David Wheeler says: Next revision of the patch here.
Review: Ryan Bradetich says: Comments
pg_get_functiondef() and psql \ef Committed 2008-09-05 Abhijit Menon-Sen

Tom Lane

Boyer-Moore string searching Committed 2008-09-07 David Rowley

Gianni Ciolli

tgl says: updated patch here
david.rowley says: updated patch here
david.rowley says: updated patch here
Add a separate TRUNCATE permission Committed 2008-09-07 Robert Haas

Ryan Bradetich

Review: Ryan Bradetich says: Minor Issues
Robert Haas says: latest patch version
pg_stop_backup minor fixes Committed 2008-09-08 Simon Riggs

Tom Lane

Verbosity of Function Return Type Checks Committed 2008-09-09 Volkan YAZICI


Additional catalog tracking for plan invalidation Committed 2008-09-09 Martin Pihlak

Tom Lane

GUC source file and line number Committed 2008-09-10 Álvaro Herrera


alvherre says: augmented by Greg Smith here
Review: tgl says: some suggestions
alvherre says: improved here
to_date() validation Committed 2008-09-11 Brendan Jurd

Alex Hunsaker, Martijn van Oosterhout

Review: alexhunsaker says: minor things
Brendan Jurd says: Patch v2.
Brendan Jurd says: Patch v3 implements some suggestions from Martijn.
Review: martijn says: Code review. Looks good after changes made
pgbench duration option Committed 2008-09-11 Takahiro Itagaki

Brendan Jurd

Review: Brendan Jurd says: Patch is good, minor suggestions for improvement
itagaki says: latest patch version
pg_hba parsing Committed 2008-09-15 Magnus Hagander

D'Arcy Cain, Brendan Jurd

Review: Brendan Jurd says: Good; suggested doc updates and error message layout
GSoC Improved Hash Indexing Committed 2008-09-15 Xiao Meng

Zdeněk Kotala

David Fetter says: Git repository is here.
Xiao Meng says: Description and performance test is here.
tgl says: Updated patch here
tgl says: Serious bug fixed in patch v5
libpq events Committed 2008-09-17 Merlin Moncure, Andrew Chernow

Alvaro Herrera, Tom Lane

alvherre says: latest patch version
NDirectFileRead and Write Committed 2008-09-17 Takahiro Itagaki

Martin Zaun

itagaki says: latest patch version
operator restrictivity function for text search Committed 2008-09-19 Jan Urbański

Tom Lane

Jan Urbański says: Short description here.
Jan Urbański says: Oh, and git repository is here.
tgl says: review here
Jan Urbański says: updated version here
Fix dblink security hole Committed 2008-09-22 Marko Kreen

Ibrar Ahmed

Ibrar Ahmed says: Review posted
tgl says: Joe Conway's response here
tgl says: A modified version of Joe's patch got committed
Collation support (WIP) Committed 2008-09-23 Radek Strnad

Heikki Linnakangas

David Fetter says: Updated patch here.
tgl says: Updated patch here, Heikki thinks it's committable
Heikki says: Committed a stripped-down version, without new pg_collation and pg_charset catalogs
stats hooks and contrib/TOM Committed 2008-09-28 Simon Riggs

Greg Stark

stark says: One comment
tgl says: v5 of core patch here (contrib code not included)
tgl says: committed core hooks only; I believe the plug-in is destined for pgfoundry
FSM rewrite Committed 2008-09-30 Heikki Linnakangas

Zdenek Kotala

Zdenek Kotala says: Patch is uploaded into codereview.
Heikki says: Updated patch here
Zdenek Kotala says: Updated version 04 here
Zdenek Kotala says: OLTP workload is 8% slower. :( (It seems to be singularity. Retesting in progress ...) ... It was really singularity.
tgl says: maybe this is why?
Zdenek Kotala says: New version without WAL logging is here
Zdenek Kotala says: Patch performance is OK
Zdenek Kotala says: Version NOWAL 3 with documentation is here

Returned with Feedback

Patch Status Author Reviewers
Page layout footprint(WIP) WIP Zdeněk Kotala

Heikki Linnakangas

Heikki says: I believe I debunked this patch enough already. Apparently there's some compatibility issue between 32-bit and 64-bit Sparcs, but this patch didn't catch that. It doesn't seem like this provides any extra safeness or better error messages. If I'm missing something, please provide more details on what scenario we currently have a problem, and how this helps with it.
Zdenek says: Explanation is here
Join Removal (WIP) WIP Simon Riggs


tgl says: sufficient feedback provided in review thread
pg_dump set role Needs more work Laszlo Benedek

Tom Lane

Review: tgl says: missing pg_restore support, minor other nits
Extending grant insert on tables to sequences Not ready to commit Jaime Casanova


Jaime Casanova says: Patch updated here.
tgl says: This really needs to wait for column-level privileges
Windowing Functions WIP Hitoshi Harada

Heikki Linnakangas

David Fetter says: Git repository is here.
David Fetter says: Update design and progress document is here.
Heikki says: The biggest challenge is to get the interface for writing a window function right. Settled on the "Window object aproach". Review thread starts here
GUC flags to custom variables Duplicate Takahiro Itagaki


sriggs says: Patch is a duplicated/superseded by patch as part of contrib/auto_explain (above)
PL/Proxy Withdrawn Marko Kreen

Greg Stark

David Fetter says: Next revision of the patch here.
Zdeněk Kotala says: Discussion about integration into to the core.
tgl says: Withdrawn from this fest at author's request
new function for intagg Returned for rework Dmitry Koterov

Markus Wanner

markus says: should be committed after minor style corrections.
Copy column storage parameters on CREATE TABLE LIKE/INHERITS Returned for rework Takahiro Itagaki

Stephen Frost

Review: Stephen Frost says: Patch is good, minor documentation suggestion
Review: tgl says: Concept okay, implementation needs adjustment
Allow has_table_privilege(...,'usage') on sequences Lacks consensus Abhijit Menon-Sen


tgl says: consensus seems to be that we should invent has_sequence_privilege instead
GUC: Case-insensitive units Lacks consensus Marko Kreen


tgl says: there's no consensus about whether this is a good idea or not, nor what variant might be acceptable
2 new functions for intarray Returned for rework Dmitry Koterov

Markus Wanner

markus says: needs cleanup.
CLUSTER using sort instead of index scan WIP Gregory Stark


tgl says: this already received enough feedback in the pgsql-hackers followup thread
remove --inputdir and --outputdir from pg_regress Lacks consensus Jorgen Austvik


tgl says: seems people would rather fix this feature than remove it
petere says: I am currently rewriting this code to make everything work.

sequential scan posix fadvises Revising Design Zoltan Boszormenyi, Greg Stark

Greg Smith, Abhijit Menon-Sen

Greg Smith says: notes on first seq scan patch version submitted
Greg Smith says: needs performance testing, here's the plan, will continue review throughput August
Greg Smith says: original fadvise test program,linux vs. solaris,overhead concerns
Greg Smith says: first bitmap heap scan patch (seq scan forked from this one?) and later bitmap heap scan patch
Greg Smith says: Sequential scan concurrent benchmark harness here
Greg Smith says: Latest combined sequential, bitmap heap, and index scans patch plus scaling graph
Josh Berkus says: Per conversation with Greg Smith, final patch will require changes to general buffer approach. Needs more development, will be submitted to November CF.
contrib/auto_explain WIP Takahiro Itagaki

Alex Hunsaker

Josh Berkus says: New reviewer assigned; Kenneth inundated by Hurricane Ike
itagaki says: No time to complete; Postpone to November.
Review: alexhunsaker says: a few issues
Column-level Permissions WIP Stephen Frost

Markus Wanner

Stephen Frost says: Updated patch here
Review: Markus Wanner says: Postponed to November.
In-place upgrade(Prototype) Prototype Zdeněk Kotala

Abbas Butt

Greg Smith says: For an intro to the goals of this patch, see In-place upgrade
David Fetter says: Updated patch here.
Greg Smith says: Updated patch here.
Josh Berkus says: Is prototype; moved to returned stack to close commitfest.

Commuted to November Due to Prolonged Discussion

Patch Status Author Reviewers
Common Table Expressions Pending Review Yoshiyuki Asaba

Jeff Davis

David Fetter says: README is here.
David Fetter says: Git repository is here.
David Fetter says: CTEReadme
David Fetter says: Fair Use from the draft SQL:2008 standard (WIP)
Review: tgl says: needs a good bit of work yet
SE-PostgreSQL patches Pending review Kaigai Kohei

Peter Eisentraut, Abhijit Menon-Sen

Peter says: checking with Solaris engineers about compatibility with Solaris TX; will continue review throughout August
KaiGai says: latest patch versions
KaiGai says: latest patch versions
Infrastructure changes for recovery Pending Review Simon Riggs

Tom Lane

sriggs says: important patch for other work
tgl says: some comments here
tgl says: updated patch here, still being tested
tgl says: Simon found some issues
tgl says: patch v7 here
tgl says: it's still got issues
Robert Haas says: patch v8 here
rmgr hooks and contrib/rmgr_hook Waiting on author Simon Riggs


sriggs says: deferrable, if required
tgl says: I think the plan is for this to wait till "infrastructure" patch goes in
Add default_val to pg_settings Waiting on author Greg Smith

Simon Riggs

sriggs says: Posted comments on hackers. Changes required before commit.

Round Robin Reviewers

Name Status Reviewing Completed
Brendan Jurd Available 0 2
Jaime Casanova Available 1 1
Stephen Frost Available 1 0
Jeff Davis Available 1 0
Greg Stark Available 1 0
Martin Zaun Only 9/8 to 9/15 1 0
Álvaro Herrera Not Available 0 0
Zdeněk Kotala Not Available 1 0
Thomas Lee Not Available 0 0
Abhijit Menon-Sen Available 2 0
Nikhil Sontakke Not Available 0 0
Alex Hunsaker Available 1 0
Markus Wanner Cherry-picking 0 3
Ibrar Ahmed Available 0 1
D'Arcy Cain Available 1 0
Abbas Butt Available 1 0
Kenneth Marshall Available 1 0