CommitFest 2008-03 Precursor

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Subject Submitter Review Results Blocker
Maintaining cluster order on insert Heikki Linnakangas
Tom Lane:This is superseded by a later submission.
POSIX shared memory support Chris Marcellino
Tom Lane:It's certainly far from clear what the point is...
Stream bitmaps Heikki Linnakangas
Tom Lane:No patch here.
Indexam interface proposal Heikki Linnakangas
Tom Lane:No patch here.
Bitmapscan changes - Requesting further feedback Heikki Linnakangas
Tom Lane:No patch here either.
Auto Partitioning Patch - WIP version 1 NikhilS
DSM, FSM, known-frozen pages ITAGAKI Takahiro
[HACKERS] CIC and deadlocks Pavan Deolasee

UPDATE using sub selects NikhilS

UPDATE using sub selects NikhilS
Better error message for select_common_type() Peter Eisentraut
row-level stats and last analyze time Neil Conway
plpgpsm Pavel Stehule
Tom Lane:Wasn't this superseded by a recent submission?
Updated bitmap index patch Gavin Sherry
Patch for pg_dump Dany DeBontridder
Bruce Momjian:This is a TODO so we probably want this patch.
Integer datetimes Neil Conway
Bruce Momjian:I think we agreed to make this change for 8.4.
Tom Lane: We agreed to switch configure's default for 8.4; I'm not convinced
about anything longer-term than that. Neil, are you going to do the honors?
Implemented current_query Tomas Doran
Concurrent psql patch Gregory Stark
Bruce Momjian:This is not ready for application. Do we just add it to TODO?
Tom Lane:Is there any useful review to be done during this commit fest? If
not, it doesn't belong in this list.
Tom Lane:Greg asked for review on the lists today, so I guess we do need to
look at it ...
Minor changes to Recovery related code Simon Riggs

WIP: script binaries renaming Zdenek Kotala
Bruce Momjian:Ah, here is the patch that add pg_ to utility commands.
WIP: rewrite numeric division Tom Lane
Tom Lane:Not sure why we didn't just apply this in 8.3. The last couple of
messages contemplate a feature addition (integer division operator) that's
really a separate issue, but beyond that I'm not seeing any alternative