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2008-03 2008-05

CommitFest - March 2008

Closed commitfest

This commitfest is now closed

All items in this commitfest have been reviewed and actioned. If you have a new patch to submit, please add it at CommitFestOpen.

This first CommitFest relied on Bruce's patch queue as its primary input:

Pending patches

Below is the list of patches to be reviewed during the March Commitfest. If you have comments on them, please add them below each one, prepending each line with a colon (:).

If a patch must be punted to the next Commitfest, please remove it from here and add it there.

Committed patches

If you commit a patch, please move it below this heading.

Friendly help for psql
Fix pg_dump dependency on postgres.h
Truncate Triggers
Better psql tab-completion support for schemas and tables
suggested wording improvement in psql
Add size/acl information when listing databases
Integer datetimes
execute using
Implemented current_query
rewrite numeric division
plpgsql, forc statement

Reviewed patches

SQL-language reference parameters by name v1.1
script binaries renaming
We must conduct a poll on a wide audience, say pgsql-general. Zdenek?
The poll seemed to agree that a "pgc" prefix command was the way to do it.
Updated WITH clause patch (non-recursive)
Fragments in tsearch2 headline
Needs to be updated to apply against core tsearch instead of contrib. Teodor had other suggestions too.
This isn't maintainable unless it's refactored to eliminate code duplication with plpgsql.
psql slash# command
Author will revise based on discussion.
Consistent \d commands in psql
Discussion led to a redesign that now needs to be implemented.
preread pages in bitmap index scan using posix_fadvise
reviewed by: Simon, Heikki, Martijn
Headers dependencies cleanup
A more thorough investigation of layering of these header files has been requested.
updated hash functions for postgresql v1
The word-wide-hashing aspect of this has been cleaned up and applied; we still need to find out if we want to use the new mix() macro.
Auto-explain patch
Reviewed by Simon, needs more work to be ready
Ordered Append WIP patch v1
Reviewed here and here
SET TRANSACTION conformance to SQL:2003
Not needed, per discussion
libpq type system
latest patch
start of April 2008 discussion
Concurrent psql
This is not proposed for application yet, but Greg needs feedback
review of the UI