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Go to and create an account. Then come back here, login (login link is on the upper right) and add your name to the Participants section.

Code Sprint

Join us on October 10, 1-5pm.

We have a few hackers signed up to lead you through a code sprint on code from PostgreSQL and related projects. Come join us -- meet a few people, write some code and learn about the internals of PostgreSQL!

A code sprint is a structured programming session, designed to produce working code quickly! We will divide into teams, and work in pairs. Every 25 minutes or so, all groups will report back their progress.

How To Prepare

If you're bringing a laptop: load an SSH client, git, gcc, and the PostgreSQL source. If you need help with any of these, bring a sack lunch to the conference center at noon on October 10th for some help.

Also see Andy Lester's excellent "Just Enough C For Open Source Projects":

Project Proposals

Project: pg_top

Project Lead: Mark Wong

  • Stored procedures for remote monitoring; Linux is done, help needed on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, Solaris, etc.
  • Add screen for database level statistics.
  • More ideas on pg_top TODO list.

Project: pg_ctl

Project Lead: Jeff Davis

  • Fix a small bug in pg_ctl

Project: Visual Planner

Project Lead: Tom Raney

Project: PgTAP

Project Lead: David Wheeler

Project: PostgreSQL TODO list item

Project Lead: Selena Deckelmann


Please put your name below if you plan to attend so that we can plan for the number of people who are attending. You do not need to choose a project at this time to participate in.

Jay Payne

Andrew Lardinois

Matt Smiley

Gabrielle Roth

Magnus Hagander

Jesse Young

Long Description

Curious about PostgreSQL internals and the developers who make it happen? Wonder what it would be like to contribute to an open source project? Want to get your hands dirty with testing, documentation or the code?

Join us for 3 hours of hacking on PostgreSQL! Led by programming and subject area experts, this session will pair you up with other participants and current contributors to work on and contribute back to the project.

Organized as a code sprint, you'll have a chance to hear from developers about projects they're working on and then choose which you'll be working on. Projects will range from application development to documentation - in C, C++, PL/PgSQL and English.

No previous open source development experience is required to participate. Flexibility and ability to work with others will be necessary. If you'd like to work on code, familiarity with C will be helpful -- see Andy Lester's excellent "Just Enough C For Open Source Projects":

Projects will be available that do not involve C or coding. Technical writers, graphic designers and project managers are welcome to attend!

PostgreSQL developers will be on-hand to give feedback and guidance. You'll get a chance to work closely with them and other people in your team.