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Booth requirements

If you are staffing the booth

If you are staffing the booth please wear PostgreSQL-themed clothing.

If you want to have marketing material at the booth

As the community matures we are attempting to provide a more professional presence to newcomers and old timers alike. The first time we did this at OSCON 2007, we were jokingly referred to as an "army of Smurfs."

The upside is that our booth was extremely popular, well organized and in general provided a better experience to the PostgreSQL community than any other booth (proprietary or FOSS) at the show.

Only contributors are allowed within the PostgreSQL portfolio. If you are not a contributor there are a number of ways to become a contributor:

  • Help review documentation and submit patches
  • Sponsor development
  • Participate actively in the lists
  • Financial support

We welcome and invite all contributors to submit material to be presented to potential booth visitors. Material presented at the booths will be PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL contributors only. The material provided by contributors will be presented via a PostgreSQL "portfolio". Essentially a folder. The folder will be PostgreSQL branded, full color and very attractive. The requirement for submissions to the folder are:

  • (1) 8.5x11, full color is fine, duplex is fine.