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Packages on apt.postgresql.org

Generally, packages should be kept in sync between apt.postgresql.org and Debian unstable. Some packages are only present in apt.postgresql.org (see below). Other differences should generally be avoided. If packages need extra tweaks that cannot be represented by normal patches (debian/patches/ directory in the source package), the generate-pgdg-source script can apply changes at "build source" time for apt.postgresql.org. "Binary builds" will also set dpkg build profiles named after the target distribution, but that mechanism isn't used widely yet as it's not sanctioned by Debian policy.

Packages only on apt.postgresql.org

Debian releases contain only one PostgreSQL major version. Other major versions exist as source packages only on apt.postgresql.org. For a small number of other packages, the same split has been done:

  • postgresql-NN
  • pgaudit-NN: separate packages per supported PG major version
  • pg-hint-plan-NN: separate packages per supported PG major version
  • postgresql-NN-age: separate packages per supported PG major version

Some packages are only on apt.postgresql.org for licensing or packaging reasons:

  • elephant-shed: OSS, but depends on many other components and tweaks some configs in ways that Debian might not like
  • omdb-postgresql: no problems, just no upload to Debian yet
  • oracle-libs: downloader package for Oracle client libraries
  • oracle-fdw: needs oracle-libs
  • pgdg-buildenv: only applicable to the apt.pg.o build daemons
  • postgresql-pljava: depends on a load of java libraries which are likely not all packaged yet
  • powa-web: contains minified Javascript, JS package manager "bower" is not packaged

Some packages target older PostgreSQL major versions and are no longer in Debian unstable:

  • amcheck: merged into core in PG > 10
  • pgespresso: barman helper extension in PG <= 9.5