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PostgreSQL Android Application Contest

We are having a contest to create an open source PostgreSQL application for the Android OS. The prize is a brand-new Nexus One phone generously donated by Google.


  • April 25, 2010: contest announced
  • July 6, 2010: entries due
  • PDXPUG Day, OSCON, July 19 OSCON 2010: winners announced



Winner: Brand-new developer version (unlocked) Nexus One phone from Google.

All participants who complete an app will get a Postgres 9 shirt.

Also, all participants will be blogged and announced.


  1. The contest participant must have done the majority of the coding work on the application.
  2. The application can be anything which is functionally dependent on or complementary to PostgreSQL. This would include things like a simple PostgreSQL GUI or query creator, a PostGIS geo application, or similar.
  3. Applications which do not actually use the database, but are complementary to PostgreSQL use, such as an EXPLAIN ANALYZE viewer or PostgreSQL documentation searcher, are also permitted.
  4. PostgreSQL need not (and really should not) be run on the phone. For this reason, the application can depend on having a data connection.
  5. The source code must be distributed under an OSI-approved license, and delivered with the completed application to the contest judges. Source code will be distributed by the judges via a Git repo at BSD or PostgreSQL license is preferred but not required.
  6. The application must be available in an Android-standard package, but submitting it for the Marketplace is not a requirement.
  7. You must live somewhere we can affordably ship the Nexus One from the USA and reasonably expect it to arrive intact. If in doubt, ask us.
  8. The application cannot already be available before April 15, 2010.
  9. All three judges must be able to install and try the application on their phones. This means making the application compatible with Android version 1 (likely 1.6 is good enough).


  • Josh Berkus (testing on both G1 and Nexus One)
  • Selena Deckelmann (testing on G1)
  • Matthew Momjian (testing on G1)

E-mail for Participation

Please join the pgAndroid Google Group

Questions asked by participants

Q: Where can I find the android SDK? A:

Q: What is the minimum SDK API level required? (i.e. is it sufficient to support android 1.6 to run on the G1 phones?) A: 1.6 should be sufficient.