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AgensGraph is an open-source multi-model database management system, developed by Bitnine Global Inc, to support both relational and NoSQL property graph data models. AgensGraph was developed and integrated from PostgreSQL RDMS and supports querying with Cypher and SQL extended for graph traversal.

Editions & licenses

  • AgensGraph Community Edition is free for any use (Apache 2 license). The Enterprise Edition extends the Community Edition for more robust and demanding use cases and requires a commercial license.
  • AgensGraph version 1.0 was released in January 2017
  • AgensGraph version 1.1 was released in March 2017
  • AgensGraph version 1.2 was released in August 2017
  • AgensGraph version 1.3 was released in December 2017
  • AgensGraph version 2.0 was released in September 2018
  • AgensGraph version 2.1 was released in January 2019


  • Integrated queries supported in PostgreSQL (supports standard ANSI SQL) and Cypher either separately or in combination in a single qu*ery
  • Multi-model support of the property graph data model, relational data model, and JSON documents
  • Hierarchical graph label organization using ‘Label Inheritance’
  • Property indexing on both vertexes and edges
  • Constraints: unique, mandatory and check constraints
  • ACID transactions





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