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UPDATE: EnterpriseDB will be hosting a happy-hour style party on Saturday.

Where: Cayenne Bar & Grill. It's less than a half-mile (~0.75km) from the conference site, directly south on Broadway.

When: Saturday 5 - 7:30 pm or thereabouts

What: Open bar, appetizers

...and what about lunch, or after the party? Input from Seattle natives is much appreciated!

It sounds like most people are staying at the Marriot Springhill (1800 Yale Ave). It should be pretty easy to get to Pike Street, but bring walking shoes & expect hills. (As a Seattle native, I believe everything mentioned so far is within 30 minutes of sober walking from that hotel.)

Requests so far:

  • arcade
  • pub crawl
  • get Magnus thrown out of a bar


  • Jillian's Billiards Club recommended by locals, but would require cabs to get there (~2.5 miles from Springhill)
  • Gameworks huge arcade. ~0.5 mile from the hotel, also has a full bar
  • climbing wall at the Seattle REI
  • chocolate factory tour at Theo Chocolates




Want to join? Add your name below!

  • Jeff Davis
  • gabrielle
  • Scott Bailey
  • Andrew Lardinois
  • Tim Bruce
  • Jim Nasby
  • Brian Aker
  • Josh Berkus
  • Jon Erdman
  • David Fetter
  • Adrian Klaver
  • David Gibbons