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Please add items to the list! Later, I'll go through and categorize things and prioritize them in terms of resources and do-ability. -Selena

  • Getting press releases placed in publications which help promote PostgreSQL
  • Identify who our target market is
  • Create a list of copy to be written (includes marketing, How Tos, in-depth explanations)
  • Write copy for website/wiki that targets our audiences, as well as new/emerging markets
  • Identify how we can help user groups more
  • Further promote user groups and help them out somehow
  • Improve the user group website
  • Help with recruitment of hackers to the project
  • Help with recruitment of non-hackers to the project
  • Identify non-hacker projects, and connect people who want to be helpful with those projects
  • Report out on success/failures of advocacy projects at major conferences
  • Encourage new people to give talks on PostgreSQL, attend conferences
  • Improve the Wiki Toolset, allowing greater ease of participation & media presentation.
  • Produce more papers about how Postgres improved business (ie: what was the business impact of using PG)
  • More (and new/better) merchandising
  • More participating on events, mostly non-PG events