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This page contains a list of features, for publication for each alpha release.



  • DROP COLUMN and DROP CONSTRAINT now support an IF EXISTS clause so that you can avoid errors when running repeatable scripts.
  • UNIQUE constraints can now be DEFERRABLE


  • GEQO generic algorithm query plans, for very complex queries, can be made repeatable by setting a geqo_seed. This will help with debugging bad plans generated by GEQO.

Stored Procedures / Functions

Administration and Monitoring

  • You may now display the SQLSTATE error code as part of the log_line_prefix in your log by using the %e switch.


  • pg_standby no longer links to a specific libpq version, preventing unnecessary incompatibility issues.
  • pgbench is now multi-threaded, allowing it to use multiple CPU's for its client connections.


  • The \d+ describe table shortcut now shows the child tables which inherit from the specified table.
  • The \di index describe command now shows the index method.


  • We have change the names of some internal functions to remove conflicts with C++ reserved words. This will make it easier to plug-in C++ code to the PostgreSQL codebase.