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Video conferencing software for Improved Productivity and Reduced Environmental Burden

Companies across the United States are starting to show a greater concern toward the environment. Local corporations and firms are now doing their part towards reducing the carbon footprint of the country. They are adopting eco-friendly methods of work, and [video conferencing software][1] are one such way of not only reducing the effect on the environment but also increasing productivity. Technological advancements have made video conferencing software just as productive and effective as conventional, face to face meetings. Video conferencing software allow a number of participants to interact with each other in real time even though they are all located in different areas. [Web conferencing][2] calls can be set up without any need for reservation or notification in advance, since participants can join the sessions at any time or even start a new one right from their workstation. Such meetings are very cost effective because there is no need to spend money on travel or arranging for a full-fledged meeting. Without the need to travel, companies contribute less to CO2 emissions associated with air and land travel and do their part for the environment. For organizing remote meetings or joining one, participants only need a computer, tablet PC, or smart phone with 3G enabled for a high-speed internet connection. A lot of web conferencing applications are compatible with different operating systems like Windows, iOS, Linux, and even Android and BBOS for phones. A number of features in remote meeting software improves productivity in companies and establish real time collaborations among the participants. One important feature is White boarding, which allows participants to add freehand markups documents and show them around just like how it would be done in a traditional meeting. Participants can also use instant messaging applications to communicate with a single individual or with the whole group without disrupting the actual meeting. Such software has become an essential part for large business projects since it allows everyone involved to stay informed about the growth and development of the project. [Desktop Conferencing][3] between participants in remote locations can easily be recorded, shared, and used in the future or for archiving purposes. These meetings can be easily controlled because of their use of high-level encryption and strict security protocol, reducing the chances of data leaks. Participants have the freedom to join or leave at any time, but only authorized people who have been permitted by the moderator or who furnish the correct login credentials can enter a meeting. This reduces the possibility of unauthorized entry. A lot of professionals today still believe that web conferencing cannot provide the same level of interactivity and sophistication offered by a conventional meeting. For them, integrated audio and video conferencing programs like the RHUB 6-in-1 web conferencing and remote support appliance can be the answer. They allow the setup of operator-assisted meetings between top tier employees that are moderated by experts. At the same time, they can still host impromptu remote meetings and on-demand sessions. Therefore, the reduction in car and plane trips have not only reduces the carbon footprint of companies and improved the environment, but also helped improve the efficiency of operations.

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