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repmgr is an open source package maintained by 2ndQuadrant which greatly simplifies the process of setting up and managing replication using streaming replication within a cluster of PostgreSQL servers.

repmgr 3, released in 2015, is available for PostgreSQL 9.3 and later and supports newer replication features such as timeline switching, cascading standbys and replication slots.

repmgr 2, released in 2014, is available for PostgreSQL 9.0 ~ 9.4.

repmgr 3 Features

  • standby cloning with pg_basebackup or optionally rsync
  • Timeline following
    • a standby can be promoted to a master without requiring a restart
    • other standbys can connect to the new master without being resynced
  • Cascading standby support
    • Standbys not directly connected to the master node are not affected during failover of the master to another standby mode
  • Replication slot support (PostgreSQL 9.4 and later), simplifying WAL retention management

Current release: 3.0.3 (2016-01-05).


The rempgr project is hosted at:

Source code downloads are available from

repmgr can be installed on RedHat-based systems via the PGDG RPM repository or for Debian-based systems via the PGDG Apt repository.

Administrative code snippets

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