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The PostgreSQL wiki supports posting content in several languages at the same time. In order to enable this, presuming the original version is in English, do the following:

  • Name your new page just like the English original one, except with a slash and a two letter country code from the Template:Languages list at the end. For example, if you were adding a Spanish version of a page where the English one was named Abc, your new page would be named Abc/es.
  • At the top of your new page, add something that looks like this: {{Languages|Abc}} where the second part is also the name of the English original.
  • Whenever possible, edit the original page, then copy/paste the entire thing onto the new one to get started. This assures all of the formatting will stay intact as you translate the text.
  • Save your new page after translation.
  • If the English original doesn't already have one, add to the beginning of it a simple {{Languages}} header at the beginning.
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