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Driver Language uses libpq? Supports SCRAM?
libpq C Yes Yes
libpqxx C++ Yes Yes
psycopg2 Python (CPython only) Yes Yes
psycopg2cffi Python, PyPi Yes Yes
DBD::Pg Perl Yes Yes
ruby-pg Ruby Yes Yes
HDBC Haskell Yes Yes
JDBC Java No Yes, from version 42.2.0.
ODBC C Yes Yes
epgsql Erlang Yes [1]
pgsql Erlang
erlang-psql-driver Erlang
node-postgres JavaScript Optional
npgsql C# No Yes from version 3.2.7
emacs-libpq Emacs Lisp Yes Yes Go No No
rust-postgres Rust No Yes [2]
pgtclng Tcl Yes Yes
crystal-pg Crystal No No
asyncpg Python No No [3]

Note that drivers which have SCRAM support via libpq will need a recent libpq, released with PostgreSQL v10 or later.

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