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This is a list of items needing attention for Postgres Advocacy.

  • Incomplete item - marks ordinary, incomplete items
  • [E] Incomplete item - marks items that relatively quick and easy to complete
  • [D] Completed item - marks items that are done


Incomplete itemBudget
Develop budget for where to spend $20K annually on advocacy tasks
Incomplete itemSpokespeople
Designate official spokespeople for analyst and press briefings. quotes, and interviews


Incomplete itemEvents Listing (ongoing)
Keep global PostgreSQL events list updated. Find new events we should be at and add them. Discuss, flag events where we need a PostgreSQL presence and don't already have one.

Incomplete itemHOWTO Booth
Finish How To Booth wiki pages. Draft any required documents/templates associated.

User Groups

Incomplete itemHOWTO PUG
Complete "how to PUG" set of wiki pages. Also create documents for PUGs.

[E] Incomplete itemPUG Cards
Create a template for "business cards" for local PUGs so they can hand out at events.

Upgrade site to Drupal 7 or some other newer platform which is easier to use and useful to PUGs. Ideally, create something which would create an event calendar which allowed RSVPs


Developer Community

[E] Incomplete itemFacebook Page
Create and maintain an official PostgreSQL Project Facebook page.

Incomplete itemPostgreSQL Media Channel
Create and broadcast more videos & podcasts of PostgreSQL material. Organize media and see that it's carried onto other channels (twitter, etc.)

PR & Releases

Incomplete itemRegional Contacts
Update/maintain list of Regional Contacts. Recruit new regional contacts. Ideally, we need a dedicated RC master who can do just this.

Incomplete itemRelease Marketing Deputy
Josh to train 2nd person on how to do the PR around a major release. Need dedicated volunteer.

Incomplete itemInterview Users
Create and maintain a short list of big PostgreSQL users whom press can call for interviews. Ideally, create one in each language. Would be related to Reference Users below.

Incomplete itemPress List
Update and maintain our list of English-langauge press contacts. Remove the ones from the current list who are no longer working, and find and add new ones, including good+popular bloggers.


Incomplete itemCollateral List
Create a page/application which tracks all of our swag and printed materials. Aggresively pursue people about updating this page when stuff gets shipped around or used.

Incomplete itemCase Studies
Produce several new case studies, finish them and post them. Will probably break down into sub-tasks.

[E] Incomplete itemWhat is PostgreSQL?
Create a new/better "what is PostgreSQL?" flyer using OSS tools, like Scribus or Inkscape

Website/Software Development

Incomplete itemReferences App
Create a web application to track all of our user references and display them in a pleasing, searchable way. Should cover names, quotes, and links to articles and/or case studies. Would replace both the "featured users" and "quotes" pages.

Incomplete itemRelease Candidate App
Create a web app to maintain the release candidate list

Incomplete itemSponsors App
Create a web app so that we can maintain a list of everyone who has financially contributed to the project or our constituent nonprofits for a "financial sponsors" page.

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