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NZPgUG is the New Zealand PostgreSQL User Group.

Wellington PgUG

Wellington Meetup

contact: Miroslav Vujičić

Wellington Meetup October 20tt 2016 at Catalyst

New features in PosgreSQL 9.6.

The talk will focus 3 areas, with short demonstrations:

  • parallel query execution allowing more than one CPU core to be used by a query
  •  synchronous replication with multiple replicas and synchronous 'apply'
  •  major improvements to postgres_fdw allowing better cooperation between database servers

About the speaker: Thomas Munro joined the Database Server team at EnterpriseDB about a year ago, where he works on Postgres Plus Advanced Server and PostgreSQL. Previously he worked on mission critical software in the finance and software industries in the UK, New Zealand and France over the past two decades.

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