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Operators in irc:// See IRC2RWNames for a map to real names.

Active operators:

  • RhodiumToad [Andrew Gierth]
  • xocolatl [Vik Fearing]
  • johto [Marko Tiikkaja]
  • Snow-Man [Stephen Frost]
  • ilmari
  • davidfetter [David Fetter]

Less active:

  • mastermind
  • oicu
  • agliodbs
  • JanniCash

Ex-officio operators (with "founder" status) by virtue of core team membership:

  • magnush [Magnus Hagander]
  • pgSnake [Dave Page]
  • bmomjian [Bruce Momjian]

Operators with limited powers only:

  • mst
  • freenode staff