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Adding items

To add a patch to a CommitFest queue, please add it to the "Pending patches" section, using the following syntax:

{{patch|Message ID|Patch name|Your name[|status=Status][|reviewers=Reviewers]}}

To add a review or comment to a patch on the queue, add it on a new line immediately below the existing item:

{{patch|abcd@mail.domain|Add bell and/or whistle|Some Guy}}
{{review|Message ID|Your name|Summary of review}}

If you want to create a link directly to an email in the PostgreSQL email archives:

{{messageLink|Message ID|Label}}

If you want to add a small free-form comment to a patch (noting that the mailing lists must be used for actual discussion), use

{{comment|Your name|the text}}

For more information on using these templates, please see:

Organising items

Patches in a commitfest are organised into three primary sections:

  • Pending patches
  • Committed patches
  • Returned patches

These sections are delineated using Template:CommitFestSection and Template:CommitFestEndSection.

You can optionally further organise patches within a section using subsections (Template:CommitFestSubSection). Subsections are usually used where there are several patches relating to a particular component or aspect of Postgres, and it is convenient for reviewers to have them listed together. So you might create a subsection called "psql" or "Performance".

In general, patches are listed in the same order they were added to the section or subsection. So, pending patches are listed in submission order, committed patches in commit order and rejected patches in the order they were rejected.

Reviewing items

If you are reviewing an item, let the other developers know by adding your name into the reviewers parameter of the patch. For example, if you started reviewing the following patch

{{patch|abcd@mail.domain|Add bell and/or whistle|Some Guy}}

you would change it to

{{patch|abcd@mail.domain|Add bell and/or whistle|Some Guy|reviewers=Some Reviewer}}

Committing items

If you commit an item, move it from the Pending patches section, to the bottom of the Committed patches section.

Remember to change the status parameter to Committed, followed by the date.

The reviewers parameter should be set to the primary reviewer of the patch.

Rejecting items

If you feel an item needs to be rejected, you can move it into the Rejected patches section.

Changing status

There are three status templates available to indicate the status of a commitfest. One of these should be present at the top of every commitfest.


Open commitfest

This commitfest is currently accepting new contributions

If you have a new patch to submit, please add it here; see CommitFest Help for instructions.

If you are looking for the list of patches currently up for review, see CommitFestInProgress.


Current commitfest

This is the commitfest currently in progress

Reviewers are currently working on patches in this queue. If you want to help, please see our reviewer's guide.

If you have a new patch to submit, please add it at CommitFestOpen.

For guidance on working with commitfest wiki pages, please see CommitFest Help.


Closed commitfest

This commitfest is now closed

All items in this commitfest have been reviewed and actioned. If you have a new patch to submit, please add it at CommitFestOpen.

Feature freeze

To put a commitfest into feature freeze:

  1. Create a new page named in the CommitFest YYYY-MM form.
  2. Import the blank commitfest template (Template:CommitFestBlank) into the new page using {{subst:}}.
  3. Update the arguments to the CommitFestNav template to reflect the new commitfest's position in the sequence. It's okay to leave the "next" argument empty until there is something to point at. Speaking of which, go back to the previous commitfest and update the "next" link there to point at the new page.
  4. Modify any redirects (such as CommitFestOpen) to point to the new commitfest.
  5. Edit the frozen commitfest, and change the status template to Template:CommitFestCurrent


Once the commitfest is over:

  1. Change its status template to Template:CommitFestClosed.
  2. Modify the CommitFestInProgress redirect to point at the currently open commitfest.
  3. Modify the CommitFestPrevious redirect to point at the commitfest you just closed.
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