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This template is used to display a single item in the Todo, using a definition list for markup.


{{TodoItem|Item title[|Item description]}}

If you wish to mark the item as being potentially easy, use Template:TodoItemEasy instead.

If you wish to mark the item as complete, use Template:TodoItemDone instead.

NB: If the title or description contains an equals sign (`=`), the mediawiki parser will think you intend to indicate a named template parameter with the "name=value" syntax. To make the equals sign appear normally, you must explictly number the parameter, like so:

|1=Make sure that 1 = 1
|2=If 1 != 1, that's clearly a bug!}}

Item title

Succintly describes the item, e.g., "Add foo support to the bar subsystem".

Item description

If the item needs further explanation or a summary of previous discussions on the topic, it can go here. Links to discussions in the email archives are also useful.


Incomplete item {{{1}}}

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