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Add a patch to a commitfest queue, referenced by its full URL.

N.B. If you have access to your email's Message-Id please use Template:patch instead.



Add a patch to a commitfest queue by writing:

{{patchByURL|Message URL|Patch name|Author name[|status=Patch status][|claimed=Claimed by]}}

in the appropriate section.

Message URL

The full URL to your email in the PostgreSQL mailing list archives.

Patch name

A succinct description of your patch. This will usually be much the same as the subject line of your email to pgsql-patches@postgresql.org.

Patch status

Patch status defaults to "Pending review", but you can mark your patch as "For discussion" or "WIP" if it's not intended for review and subsequent commit just yet.

Claimed by

Claimed by is for reviewers, to let other reviewers know that they are currently looking at a patch so as to avoid duplication of work.


|- ! style="text-align: left; background: #eee;" | [{{{1}}} New patch] |Pending review |Author unknown |Nobody

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