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This template is a useful way to create a blank CommitFest page. Just start a new page and substitute in the template's contents with

{{subst:CommitFestBlank|start date}}

Note that we have a standard naming convention for CommitFest pages which includes the month the commitfest is scheduled to begin, in YYYY-MM format. E.g., for a commitfest beginning May 2008 the page would be named

CommitFest 2008-05

Save the page, then proceed to add items to the commitfest sections as usual. The new commitfest will be created with the status Template:CommitFestOpen, so it will be marked as ready to accept new contributions immediately.

You should also complete the "previous", "current" and "next" arguments for the call to the CommitFestNav template.


⇐ Previous CommitFest This CommitFest Next CommitFest ⇒
??? ??? ???

This is the page for the CommitFest beginning {{{1}}}.

Open commitfest

This commitfest is currently accepting new contributions

If you have a new patch to submit, please add it here; see CommitFest Help for instructions.

If you are looking for the list of patches currently up for review, see CommitFestInProgress.

Pending patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers

Committed patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers

Returned with Feedback

Patch Status Author Reviewers