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I'm collating a list of blog articles on 9.4 features if it's of any use.

Yeah, those will help with coming up with use cases. Thanks. I'm only adding content a little at a time though as we've got months to go yet. :)

List of commits mentioning backward incompatibility

Barwick (talk) 12:40, 22 April 2014 (UTC)

commit 13ecb822e8da5668133b706474c25bc908ae370a Author: Bruce Momjian <> Date: Sat Apr 19 08:41:51 2014 -0400

   libpq:  have PQconnectdbParams() and PQpingParams accept "" as default
   Previously, these functions treated "" optin values as defaults in some
   ways, but not in others, like when comparing to .pgpass.  Also, add
   documentation to clarify that now "" and NULL use defaults, like
   PQsetdbLogin() has always done.
   Patch by Adrian Vondendriesch, docs by me
   Report by Jeff Janes

commit 5f86cbd714c9d43c0fbb43a7b172f77ebf429548 Author: Tom Lane <> Date: Wed Apr 16 20:48:51 2014 -0400

   Rename EXPLAIN ANALYZE's "total runtime" output to "execution time".
   Now that EXPLAIN also outputs a "planning time" measurement, the use of
   "total" here seems rather confusing: it sounds like it might include the
   planning time which of course it doesn't.  Majority opinion was that
   "execution time" is a better label, so we'll call it that.
   This should be noted as a backwards incompatibility for tools that examine
   In passing, I failed to resist the temptation to do a little editing on the
   materialized-view example affected by this change.

ommit 1420f3a9827a39e5c6c998f6fa35a6fc97903145 Author: Bruce Momjian <> Date: Mon Mar 24 14:36:36 2014 -0400

   Fix ts_rank_cd() to ignore stripped lexemes
   Previously, stripped lexemes got a default location and could be
   considered if mixed with non-stripped lexemes.

commit d0ee93797d9c06e619b3f382705d99ee195bb573 Author: Bruce Momjian <> Date: Sat Feb 1 10:49:17 2014 -0500

   arrays:  tighten checks for multi-dimensional input
   Previously an input array string that started with a single-element
   array dimension would then later accept a multi-dimensional segment.

commit c155f654b4f755b4111bd9adb60559fe22526a10 Author: Bruce Momjian <> Date: Sat Sep 7 11:44:33 2013 -0400

   intarray:  return empty zero-dimensional array for an empty array
   Previously a one-dimensional empty array was returned, but its text
   representation matched a zero-dimensional array, and there is no way to
   dump/reload a one-dimensional empty array.
   Per report from elein

commit 457d6cf049c57cabe9b46ea13f26138040a214ec Author: Bruce Momjian <> Date: Fri Jun 28 17:27:02 2013 -0400

   pg_upgrade:  change -u to -U, for consistency
   Change -u (user) option to -U, for consistency with other tools like
   pg_dump and psql.  Also expand --user to --username, again for