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Overview of 9.3-related blog posts

Items needing a description

  • Indexed regular expression search
  • Disk page checksums to detect filesystem failures
  • Performance and locking improvements for Foreign Key locks
  • 64-bit Large Object API

Already done

  • Additional JSON constructor and extractor functions (DONE)
  • COPY FREEZE for reduced IO bulk loading (DONE)
  • Switch to Posix shared memory and mmap(). (DONE)
  • Writeable Foreign Tables: write to external databases as well as read from them (DONE)
  • pgsql_fdw driver for federation of PostgreSQL databases (DONE)
  • Replication improvements (DONE)
    • Streaming-only remastering of replicas
    • Streaming replication protocol is now architecture-independent.
    • Faster promotion of a streaming standby to primary ("Standby promotion is almost instant, allowing 99.999% availability for a replicated cluster.")
  • VIEW features
    • Automatically updatable VIEWs (DONE)
    • MATERIALIZED VIEWs declaration (DONE)
    • Recursive view declaration (DONE)
  • Parallel pg_dump for faster backups (DONE)
  • Directories for configuration files (DONE)
  • pg_isready database connection checker (DONE)
  • User-defined background workers for automating database tasks (DONE)