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Possible FAQ Addition

How to pronounce PGAN? (P-G-An, P-Gan?)

PgFoundry considered useful

Why not use PgFoundry as a place for uploading extensions?

It already provides many facilities needed for development and is being quite used. Developers can already neatly package and upload their stuff. It already supports versioned file distribution. It is just not well enough integrated with actual running database one is using in practice.

PgDEX could periodically (say once a day) download all changed published .tar.gz files (but not stuff in SCM) and compile them into installable packages. These would be installed by special command line utility, as suggested.

What seems to be needed with this is a way to specify meta-information in packages; this could be in a form of a required file (say control, control.xml or pg_package.xml), which would contain the required data. Perhaps XML and/or RDF would be a good choice for this?

At the very least, it would seem sensible to have some kind of correspondence between extension names and PgFoundry projects.

--Ziga 18:11, 27 May 2010 (UTC)