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I am developing a web application that have requirement of 70,000 insert transactions per second.

Can postgresql support such load?


Heavy context switching

Hi I am using Postgres Sql 9.2 on a windows 2008 R2 (SP1) server (dual processor 6 core server/48 GB RAM). When running a simple performance test with 60 users where each user adds a person (a POST request to a webservice), db cpu utilization is around 18%. This request results in an insert into an employee Table. The inserted id is returned by the service in the response. This Table has only about 3 or 4 columns and this table is not indexed. There is no other activity on this server during this test. No single process seems to be utilizing a lot of the CPU. I find a lot of context switching taking place (about 16,000/sec). I am using defaults settings for PostgresSql mostly in postgresql.conf. The only settings I changed were maxConnections (which is 300 now), Shared Buffers(which is 512MB now) and log_min_duration_statement (50).

Is there any configuration setting that needs to be changed to reduce the number of context switches ? I am new to PostgresSql, so any help is highly appreciated. Thanks, TG

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