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Keeping track of what is still available and what is permanently gone. The intent is that if a tool is not available over a long period of time than we should drop it from the list.

Tool 2013/09 Status yyyy/mm Status yyyy/mm Status
Data Architect Down
Datastudio Up
DbDesigner fork Up. Last update 2013-03-26
DbSchema Up
dbwrench Up
DeZign for Database Up
Druid III Up. Last update 2012-06-01
ModelRight Up
Moskitt and its spatial plugin for PostGIS users Up
Open System Architect Up
PGmodeler Up
PostgreSQL Maestro Up
Power*Architect Up.
TCM - Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling Down
Toad Data Modeler Up
Valentina Studio Up
WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio Up
xml to DDL Up. Last update 2005-09-29
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