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Failing over to the Standby

A couple of points here that might need expansion. Two methods of promotion are mentioned (trigger file and manually removing recovery.conf and restarting) - what about 'pg_ctl promote'? Is that recommendable? Also, may need a mention of resyncing other slaves. I threw a note down on Streaming Replication, forgetting that that's not intended to be user documentation; also, it's just a scribbled note. Someone want to write some good copy? Rosuav 00:55, 18 July 2012 (UTC)

Update the 7 steps guide for 9.4?

I think the guide needs an update for 9.4...

The standby will not come up in step 6 if the original standby pg_xlog files are left in the standby's $PGDATA. It will complain about a wrong ID. This can be fixed by copying over the primary's pg_xlog too (not leaving them out as step 5 suggests).

Also: in step 1, when wal_level = hot_standby, one needs to start up the primary at least once, otherwise the pg_xlog files are still at minimal level and the standby will also complain in step 6. Sat Feb 14 16:22:31 CET 2015