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07:51, 19 October 20182018 10 PUG Geneve dataIO.pdf (file)(thumbnail)516 KBC2main (Slides from Cédric Villemain for the PUG Genève 2018 (Ease your data IO with PostgreSQL))1
10:50, 7 November 20162ndQUadrant Datastore xa.pdf (file)(thumbnail)611 KBC2main 1
10:49, 7 November 20162ndQuadrant Stats talk.pdf (file)(thumbnail)618 KBC2main 1
16:59, 10 February 2015FOSDEM 2015 resources management.pdf (file)(thumbnail)195 KBC2main (# Managing Resources with PostgreSQL ## Abstract PostgreSQL does not provide a single entry point to manage server resources. Instead it has options and comes with tools to restrict the resources usage as well as inspecting the server and processes s...)1
18:56, 25 October 2011Slony1-2.1 londiste3.pdf (file)(thumbnail)143 KBC2main (Slides of "Slony1-2.1 Londiste 3" talk done at 2011 in Amsterdam by Cédric Villemain, 2ndQuadrant.)1
12:48, 9 January 2011Pgfincore pgday10.pdf (file)(thumbnail)228 KBC2main (slides of pgfincore talk at 2010)1

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