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Major Release Timeline
Relative Time Activity Description Responsible
- 9 weeks Create beta page Create beta page with links to downloads, developer resources.
- 8 weeks Begin Beta Testing First beta released, put on mirrors. Wait 24 hours for mirrors to update.

Announce beta on pgsql-announce Put beta image on home page, post beta page. Create windows installer for beta and post on FTP mirrors as soon as available.

- 8 weeks+ Begin release draft

Begin drafting press release and presskit on pgsql-advocacy and pgfoundry/press (in English)

- 6 weeks Update Regional Contacts Check all regional contacts, and verify that they are ready to work the release. Find substitutes where necessary.
- 5 weeks Complete release draft Release, presskit semi-final draft on pgfoundry/press. Post to pgsql-hackers for technical verification, pgsql-www for HTML verification.
- 4 weeks Release to Translators

Distribute final draft of release, presskit to translators. Translations must all be UTF-8.

- 2 weeks Translations Drafted

First draft of translations.

- 10 days Translations Final Translations copy-edited.
- 7 days Embargoed Releases Embargoed releases sent out to favored members of the press.
- 7 days Update Public Pages Draft updates of Home Page, Press Faq, What's New and /about/press. Do not post yet.

Draft community release notice.

- 6 days Presskits Verified Translations checked for encodings, XHTML.
- 36 hours Final Press Cutoff Final cutoff for pulling the release due to bugs or issues. Verify to Regional Contacts that the release is going out.
- 24 hours Generate Binaries Create binaries for Windows, Red Hat, Mac, Solaris. Upload to FTP mirrors at least 12 hours before the release.
- 12 to 24 hours Presskits Posted Presskits posted to /about/press/ but not linked.

Verify release date to favored press contacts.

- 2 hours Website Updated Post rest of website updates.
0 hours Release Out Send out releases to all Press Contacts

Post community release notice on pgsql-announce, news page.

+ 2-6 hours Slashdot Submit release link to Slashdot (assuming someone else doesn't)
For 3 days after Regional Contacts Available Regional contacts need to be available to the press by phone for the 3 days after the release during business hours. If occupied, RCs should arrange a forwarding contact.
Within 3 days Developer Pages Updated Developer pages need to be updated to reflect the new development cycle.
Within 1 week Collect News Links, Contacts Collect updated press contact lists from all RCs. Collect list of links to stories about the release.

Specific Releases

Web Team Task List for 8.4 Release

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