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(TODO Items / Things to Investigate)
(TODO Items / Things to Investigate)
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== PostgreSQL Notes and Misc ==
== PostgreSQL Notes and Misc ==
=== TODO Items / Things to Investigate ===
# <del>column-level UPDATE privs + LOCK TABLE: [ patch]</del>
# <del>segfaults in openjade while building PDF of docs. Docs should be updated to tell users to avoid 1.4devel openjade.</del>
# Several users have complained about bookmarks disappearing/reappearing in the doc PDFs for 8.3 and 9.0. What's causing this?
# <del>Why do psql's \z and friends not autocomplete tablenames?</del>[ patch]
# <del>On OS X only: segfault in psql's autocomplete, due to buggy readline library in OS X.</del>
# CREATE TABLE newschema.newtable (LIKE oldschema.oldtable INCLUDING INDEXES) -> on 8.3, renames indexes named "foo_idx" to "foo_key", though looks like this is fixed in later branches?
# On OS X only: \dn pub[TAB] gives "public/" as the autocompleted version of schema "public"
# Fix up html builds of docs to move towards XHTML compliance
# PL/pgSQL function to handle atomic table swaps - useful for snapshot materialized view refreshes with no locks held on the original table until close to COMMIT time.
# make distclean doesn't get rid of .html files created by "make html"?
# ugliness in makefiles for doc builds
# document steps to get doc builds working on OS X. Not easy at all.. having problems with gettext/getopt, which are dependencies of 'xmlto'.
# have psql give an error message upon a badly formatted .pgpass file
; Contact Info
; Contact Info
: [mailto:josh**at** Email: Josh Kupershmidt]
: [mailto:josh**at** Email]
: [ Josh Kupershmidt's Homepage]
: [ web]

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[edit] PostgreSQL Notes and Misc

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