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Some notes on a maybe future tutorial:

lluad, if you were making a "green field" tutorial, what would it contain?

<lluad> I have thought about this. :) <lluad> There are several branches of that. <lluad> The first is an online playground - more like play.golang.org than sqlfiddle - that lets people use it and run basic sql without installation. <lluad> (Making the examples in the docs self-contained and runnable and CI-ing them would be another aspect of that) <davidfetter_work> I love it. <lluad> The next branch would be a "choose your own adventure" style doc for installing (an appropriate variant of) PostgreSQL on your OS of choice, and some sort of client. <lluad> The next, next branch would be a postgresql-specific "intro to sql". Create a table, select from it, SQL for Dummies sort of stuff. <lluad> The next, next branch would be "An intro to using it in production" that would talk about users, roles, access controls, security, just an intro level. <lluad> And then there'd be the reference docs. <lluad> So, uh, something like that. :) <davidfetter_work> lots of those are independent of each other :) <lluad> Yeah. They can certainly be created independently, but breaking it up like that reduces the the overlap and makes them work together. <davidfetter_work> Is "install PostgreSQL" still the barrier it used to be? on OSX, it's "use the (home)brew, Luke" <davidfetter_work> on Ubuntu, it's pretty straightforward <lluad> macOS is the hardest to install on. <davidfetter_work> if that's the hardest, I'm gonna call it P3 <lluad> There are like seven different options and if you install more than one of them you risk them stepping on eahch others toes. <davidfetter_work> that's true of any set of packaging systems on any OS <lluad> I tend to push people away from Homebrew. If they're using it for development then Postgres.app is better in some respects. <lluad> Oh, yeah. Another fork of the tutorial: "How to connect to PG from your language of choice, including a hello world example." <lluad> Installing PG on Windows still seems to be fraught with pain and permissions issues, but much less than it used to be. <lluad> Actually, getting psql and libpq packaged in a .msi would be a really good idea, now, 'cos we can tell them "Just run the server on WSL". <lluad> And I just got my MS code signing certificate and packaging farm ... <davidfetter_work> Do it!