SQL MERGE Patch Status

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Previous History



Patch for SQL Standard MERGE statement submitted to PostgreSQL core

Current patch is v14 [1]

Open Items


  • Incorrect wording on ERROR when using subselect in the SET clause of MERGE UPDATE:

Unrecognized node type 114 [2]

  • Incorrect wording on ERROR when using a whole row reference in the SET clause of MERGE UPDATE

ERROR: XX000: variable not found in subplan target lists [3]


  • None


  • Discussion around concurrency. Should we throw ERROR if concurrent update/delete makes row unavailable after EvalPlanQual?

Unresolved request for change to earlier consensus on how to proceed [4]

Unsupported features

  • Partitioning (WIP)
  • Tab completion

Not planned for PG11

  • RLS - Requested not to be supported for PG11, on basis of risk
  • Transition tables for Statement Triggers
  • RETURNING - not part of standard
  • CTE support - not part of standard

Closed since v13

  • Add xref docs between INSERT ON CONFLICT and MERGE (18/1/29)