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Early Registration ( Jan. 5 to Feb 28 ):
Early Registration ( Jan. 5 to Feb 28 ):
* Non-PyCon Attendees: $25
* Non-PyCon Attendees: $20
* Registered PyCon Attendees: $10
* Registered PyCon Attendees: $10
* Students (with ID): $10
* Students (with ID): $10

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PyPgDay 2013

Postgres and Python are more vibrant communities that have much in common. Both at their core are open communities that believe in making the world better through the software they release. Beyond just similarities in the communities many Python users are Postgres users and vice-versa. Because of the overlap in users among many of these communities allowing the opportunity for both to benefit from closely timed and coordinated events it makes it easier on attendees of both.

PyPgDay will be a full-day event with talks about PostgreSQL and Python, including talks by contributors to PostgreSQL, Django, PostGIS, and Python. Half the talks will help PostgreSQL DBAs, and the other half will focus on developing Python applications using Postgres features.

Basic Information

Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Times: 9:00AM to 6:00PM, plus a party afterwards

Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

Room: Room H (near the escalators)

Run By: San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group and PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

Paid Registration Required (Registration opens January 10)


This is the current draft schedule, and will be revised once the Call for Presentations closes:

  • 9am-9:30am: Intro
  • 9:30am-10:15am: Postgres1
  • 10:30am-11:15am: Postgres2
  • 11:30am-12:15am: Postgres3
  • 12:15pm-1:15pm: Lunch
  • 1:30pm-2:15pm: Python+Posgres1
  • 2:30pm-3:15pm: Python+Posgres2
  • 3:15pm-3:45pm: break
  • 3:45pm-4:30pm: Python+Posgres3
  • 4:45:pm-5:30pm: Python+Posgres4
  • 5:45pm-6:15pm: Lightning Talks
  • 7:00pm-late: Party (TBD)


  • December 11: PyPgDay announced
  • December 18: Call for Presentations Opens
  • January 10: Registration Opens
  • January 20: Call for Presentations Closes
  • February 10: Speakers selected
  • February 15: Sponsor pledge deadline
  • February 20: Final schedule posted
  • March 1: Early Bird Registration ends
  • March 13: PyPgDay!

Call For Presentations

Do you use Postgres for interesting things? Do you develop nifty applications in Python? Do you use them together? Then submit a talk for PyPgDay!

PyPgDay will be held on March 13th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, the first day of PyCon. We are specifically looking for talks about:

  • General PostgreSQL administration and performance
  • PostgreSQL replication
  • Developing applications with Postgres and Python
  • PostgreSQL administration tools written in Python
  • PL/Python
  • Data-intensive Django/Pylons/SQLAlchemy/etc. applications
  • PostGIS and GeoDjango
  • New Postgres features, like JSON, Range Types and PL/v8

Talks will be 45 minutes in length, and should be pitched to a mixed audience of Python developers and Postgres DBAs. There will also be six lightning talks, each 5 minutes long.

PyPgDay presentations might be broadcast over streaming video. You will need to give your consent to this broadcast.

Submit your proposal here.

You are encouraged to submit more than one proposal (on different topics).


PyPgDay will be sponsored by companies and organizations in the PostgreSQL, Python, and Silicon Valley communities. If your company is one such, please sponsor us!

All sponsorships are due February 27th. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in sponsoring the event.

Event Presenter

Cost: $1600

  • Exclusive: only one Platinum sponsor will be accepted.
  • 5-minute presentation slot during the introduction session.
  • "PyPgDay presented by Your Company" banner at event.
  • Premiere logo placement on publicity materials.
  • Mention of your company everywhere the event is publicized.
  • "Presented By Your Company" on event t-shirt.
  • Up to 12 free registrations to the event for your staff, clients or friends.


Cost: $800

  • Prominent logo placement on publicity materials and banners.
  • Mention of your company everywhere the event is publicized.
  • Company logo on the the back of the event t-shirt.
  • Up to 8 free registrations to the event for your staff, clients or friends.

Cost: $300

  • Logo or company name on most publicity materials and banners.
  • Thank-you in the event keynote and closing.
  • Up to 4 free registrations to the event for your staff, clients or friends.


Cost: $100

  • Company name on the event wiki page and keynote.
  • 1 free registration to the event.

Party Sponsor

Already secured: will be sponsoring the PyPgDay party.

Sponsorship Details

  • Sponsorship pledges must be made before February 25th to ensure appropriate publicity is given to each sponsor.
  • Payment arrangements must be made by February 28th.
  • If there are several sponsors who want the Event Presenter sponsorship, one will be selected by the event organizers.
  • Sponsor staff registrations must be received by March 5th. After that date, availabilty of seats for sponsor staff is not guaranteed.
  • No refunds.


PyPgDay is being held on the first day of PyCon tutorials with the help and support of the PyCon organizing committee and the Python community. Registered PyCon attendees will be able to attend PyPgDay for a discount.


Registration opens January 5. Registration fees are not yet final. Registration will include a PyPgDay t-shirt, coffee breaks, the full day of sessions, and priority admission to the PyPgDay Party.

Early Registration ( Jan. 5 to Feb 28 ):

  • Non-PyCon Attendees: $20
  • Registered PyCon Attendees: $10
  • Students (with ID): $10

Late Registration: ( March 1 to March 13 ):

  • Non-PyCon Attendees: $35
  • Registered PyCon Attendees: $20
  • Students (with ID): $15

If the hall is not sold out, onsite "standee" registration will also be available. Standee registration will not include a tshirt, and will only be available after regular registrants are seated. Standee registration may be a good idea for those only attending one session.

Standee Registatration (on-site):

  • Non-PyCon Attendees: $5
  • Registered PyCon Attendees (with Badge): Free
  • Students (with ID): Free


PyPgDay is being run by PostgreSQL Experts Inc. for the benefit of the PostgreSQL community. 100% of net proceeds for the event will be donated, split evenly between PostgreSQL.US (a 501c3 nonprofit), and the San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group meeting expenses fund.

Net Proceeds consists of all money remaining after room rental, catering, administrative staff wages, travel, parking, A/V, printing, shirts, insurance, and miscellaneous onsite expenses. PostgreSQL Experts Inc. will take no profit or consulting fees from this event. Final expenses and balance sheet will be available after the event on request.

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