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== Examples ==
== Examples ==
* https://bitbucket.org/adamkg/libakg/src/default/dot/psqlrc-commands.d/
* https://bitbucket.org/adamkg/libakg/src/default/dot (clever - check out [https://bitbucket.org/adamkg/libakg/src/default/dot/psqlrc psqlrc] and  [https://bitbucket.org/adamkg/libakg/src/default/dot/psqlrc-commands.d/update_psqlrc_commands.sh psqlrc-commands.d/update_psqlrc_commands.sh]
* https://github.com/e7e6/psqlrc/blob/master/psqlrc
* https://github.com/e7e6/psqlrc/blob/master/psqlrc
* https://github.com/aziz/dotfiles/blob/master/psqlrc
* https://github.com/aziz/dotfiles/blob/master/psqlrc

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psqlrc is the configuration file read by the [psql client]. psql will typically read both a systemwide psqlrc and the per-user one (in ~/.psqlrc on unix-ish systems)

It allows a lot of customization of psql, including defining macros to implement new commands.

TODO: Needs curation. This is a work in progress, collecting existing examples of psqlrc configuration, in the hope someone will go through and pull out some interesting snippets, and maybe a kitchen sink psqlrc that has all the good bits in it.



Useful Snippets

Useful psqlrc tricks