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(Tuesday September 17)
(Tuesday September 17)
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* Concurrency in Postgres
* Concurrency in Postgres
* [ Federating Queries Using postgres_fdw]
* [ Federating Queries Using postgres_fdw]
* Keynote
* [ Managing PostgreSQL with Puppet]
* [ Managing PostgreSQL with Puppet]
* Middleware is Dead
* Middleware is Dead

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Slides for talks will be linked here!

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Monday September 16

Tuesday September 17

Lightning Talks

Wednesday September 18

  • A Comparison of PostgreSQL Encryption Options
  • Geographically Distributed Parallel Databases – A Reality!
  • How Postgres is different from (read BETTER than) your database
  • Inside PostgreSQL Shared Memory
  • JackDB - Database Development In Your Web Browser
  • Multi-Database Collaboration and Extract-Transform-Load with HTSQL
  • NewSQL: Leveraging PostgreSQL
  • Postgres Plus Cloud Database
  • PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Methods
  • PostgreSQL on ZFS: backup, replication, disaster recovery, and more
  • Replication Refresh
  • Scalable Uniques in Postgres - HyperLogLog
  • Secure your webapp passwords in PostgreSQL
  • SQL database server Requests from the Browser
  • Using JSON with Postgres 9.3
  • Using Postgres FDW w/ a sharded PostgreSQL Database
  • When PostgreSQL Can't, You Can
  • Writing portable postgreSQL-backed network applications for the open cloud
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