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* [http://www.slideshare.net/davidfetter/slides-pg-confeu20131031 Slides] (David Fetter)
* [http://www.slideshare.net/davidfetter/slides-pg-confeu20131031 Slides] (David Fetter)
* [https://wiki.postgresql.org/images/1/1c/Json-and-speed.pdf JSON & Speed] (Jonathan S. Katz)
* [https://wiki.postgresql.org/images/1/1c/Json-and-speed.pdf JSON & Speed] (Jonathan S. Katz)
* [https://wiki.postgresql.org/images/a/ab/Pganalyze_Lightning_talk.pdf pganalyze - Monitoring for Casual DBAs] (Michael Renner
* [https://wiki.postgresql.org/images/a/ab/Pganalyze_Lightning_talk.pdf pganalyze - Monitoring for Casual DBAs] (Michael Renner)
== Talks: Friday 1st November, 2013 ==
== Talks: Friday 1st November, 2013 ==

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PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013 Talks

Conference Website


Trainings: Tuesday 29th October, 2013


  • PostgreSQL & PostGIS (Gianni Ciolli)
  • Writing & using Postgres Extensions (Dimitri Fontaine)


  • PostgreSQL indexing (Hans-Jürgen Schönig)


  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning (Bruce Momjian)
  • Data Processing Inside PostgreSQL (Bruce Momjian)

Talks: Wednesday 30th October, 2013


  • Keynote: Handling the Spotlight: How PostgreSQL can become the database of choice (Mark Taylor)
  • What's New in PostgreSQL 9.3 (Robert Treat)
  • PostgreSQL - One of the most important Open Source projects (Michael Meskes)
  • Going spatial with PostGIS and more (Hugo Mercier)
  • Nulls Make Things Easier? (Bruce Momjian)
  • PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery with Barman (Gabriele Bartolini)


  • PostgreSQL for Rails (Roland Sonnenschein)
  • Introduction of pg_statsinfo and pg_stats_reporter ~Statistics Reporting Tool for DBA~ (Mitsumasa KONDO)
  • Writing a foreign data wrapper (Bernd Helmle)
  • Success stories on migrating from Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL (Achim Eisele, Jens Wilke)
  • Multicorn: writing Foreign Data Wrappers in python (Ronan Dunklau)


  • Writing a user-defined datatype (Heikki Linnakangas)
  • LATERAL querying in 9.3; keep up with the new features! (Gianni Ciolli)
  • Detecting performance bottlenecks (Hans-Jürgen Schönig)
  • Explaining the Index of PostgreSQL Indexes (Jonathan S. Katz)
  • Conduct change from Oracle to PostgreSQL (Jean-Paul Argudo)

Talks: Thursday 31th October, 2013


  • Taking advantage of custom background workers (Michael Paquier)
  • Doing PITR Right - There's more than just replication (Stephen Frost)
  • slides Postgres what they really use (Craig Kerstiens)
  • Indexes: The neglected performance all-rounder (Markus Winand)
  • Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL (Dimitri Fontaine)
  • Lightning talks (Harald Armin Massa)


  • Gotcha! Finer points of the postgres query planner and how to use them in your queries (Atri Sharma)
  • Materialised views now and the future (Thom Brown)
  • Federation with Foreign Data Wrappers (David Fetter)
  • Switching Horses Overnight - a Software Manufacturer's View on Replacing an Existing Database Management System with PostgreSQL (Robert Lichtenberger, Stefan Andreatta)
  • My experience with embedding PostgreSQL (Jignesh Shah)


Lightning talks

Talks: Friday 1st November, 2013


  • Epic fails in the RDBMS world (Willem Leenen)
  • Using Postgres FDW w/ a sharded PostgreSQL Database (Stephen Frost)
  • Postgres versus an anonymous database from Redwood (Gregory Stark)
  • Hierarchies Without Masters (Gianni Ciolli)
  • PostgreSQL Futures (Simon Riggs)
  • PostgreSQL in 5 years - Expectations from the market place (Keith Alsheimer)
  • Closing (Dave Page, Magnus Hagander)


  • Pagination done the PostgreSQL way (Markus Winand)
  • Postgres from Vision to Reality, ABNAMRO Client case (Michel Sijmons)
  • PostgreSQL Backups, the good the bad and the ugly (Joshua D. Drake)
  • Elephants in fashion (Valentine Gogichashvili)


  • Agile Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations (Gabriele Bartolini)
  • Useful PostgreSQL Extensions -- the extensions behind the scenes (Devrim GÜNDÜZ)
  • Binary storage for nested data structures and application to hstore data type. (Oleg Bartunov, Teodor Sigaev), Slides(pdf)
  • Wiretapping the Wire Protocol: automatic data visualization for psql with Cartographer and FEMEBE (Maciek Sakrejda)