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Open Issues

NOTE: Please add new open items next to any existing open item for the same commit. When there are no existing items for the same commit, place new open items at the end of the list.

Decisions to Re-Check Mid Beta

  • Default setting for hashagg_avoid_disk_plan GUC (the GUC formerly known as enable_hashagg_disk, renamed by 92c58fd9)
    • This thread is now mostly a discussion of the separate "Many users rely on hashagg exceeding work_mem, regardless of whether or not that is the intended behavior in Postgres 12" item.
    • You can think of this hashagg_avoid_disk_plan item as being about providing users with a mechanism to avoid hash aggregation when planning, without reliably ensuring that it is avoided at execution time.
    • In other words, it preserves the plan time behavior from Postgres 12, but not the execution time behavior.
    • In theory there should be no difference (in theory these two open items are one and the same). In practice there is a huge difference, because group estimates are frequently off by orders of magnitude, and because hash aggs greatly benefit from more memory (unlike the equivalent group aggregate + sort plan).
    • Original commit: 1f39bce0
    • Owner: Jeff Davis

Older Bugs

Live issues

Fixed issues

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Resolved Issues

resolved before 13beta3

  • Review the decision to enable deduplication by default (i.e. use 'on' as the default setting for the 'deduplicate_items' B-Tree storage parameter).

resolved before 13beta2

  • Should we rename effective_io_concurrency? It now has a different meaning and you might want to turn it up higher, though the default behaviour hasn't changed.
    • Commit: b09ff536
    • No one argued strongly in favour of changing it, so let's leave it as it is.

resolved before 13beta1

Won't Fix

Important Dates

Current schedule:

  • Feature Freeze: April 7, 2020 (Last Day to Commit Features)
  • Beta 1: May 21, 2020
  • Beta 2: June 25, 2020
  • Beta 3: August 13, 2020