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=== resolved before 10beta1 ===
=== resolved before 10beta1 ===
* [https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/8a1d4662-9665-59d5-518d-45616b75f06a%40lab.ntt.co.jp COMMENT ON COLUMN fails for partitioned tables]
** Fixed by commit 51175f3638524231405e674e40bde159b0b76727
* [http://postgr.es/m/CAKJS1f-BmGo410bh5RSPZUvOO0LhmHL2NYmdrC_Jm8pk_FfyCA@mail.gmail.com Allowing extended stats on foreign and partitioned tables]
* [http://postgr.es/m/CAKJS1f-BmGo410bh5RSPZUvOO0LhmHL2NYmdrC_Jm8pk_FfyCA@mail.gmail.com Allowing extended stats on foreign and partitioned tables]

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Open Issues


Logical Replication

unless otherwise marked, original commit: 665d1fa (principal author: Petr Jelinek; owner: Peter Eisentraut)

SCRAM-SHA-256 Authentication

unless otherwise marked, original commit: 818fd4a (principal author: Michael Paquier; owner: Heikki Linnakangas)


  • synchronous_standby_names shows unused priority values
    • original commit: 3901fd7 (principal author: Masahiko Sawada; owner: Fujii Masao notified)
    • The priority value is assigned to each standby listed in s_s_names even in quorum commit though those priority values are not used at all. Users can see those priority values in pg_stat_replication. Isn't this confusing? If yes, it might be better to always assign 1 as the priority, for example.

Design Decisions to Recheck Mid-Beta

Older Bugs


Resolved Issues

resolved before 10beta1

  • SASLprep
    • Fixed by commit 60f11b87a2349985230c08616fa8a34ffde934c8
  • pg_dump and SUBSCRIPTIONS
    • fixed by commits c31671f9b5f6eee9b6726baad2db1795c94839d1, a9254e675bde7dc2d976d207450c559d914c0dd6

Important Dates

Current schedule:

  • feature freeze: April 7th
  • beta1: wrap May 15th, announce May 18th