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Planet PostgreSQL is a blog aggregation service run by the PostgreSQL community. In addition to the main Planet site, entries are published to the site as well.


Planet PostgreSQL FAQ

How can I remove a bad entry from the feed?

It's possible to login to the administration interface and hide an individual entry. If you realize you've made a mistake and done something like accidentally posting incorrectly tagged content, removing it on your own is recommended.

What are the right URLs to use for a labeled feed from

Assuming your blog is named "blogname" and you've tagged a subset of your posts with the "postgresql" label, the correct URLs to input to the Planet code are:

You can confirm those URLs display a suitable copy of your feed via a web browser before submitting them.

Are commercial posts allowed?

Planet PostgreSQL is a blog aggregation site aimed at readers who want both technical and non-technical information about PostgreSQL and closely related technologies. Informative entries that mention commercial products are normally permissible, as long as the main entry is relevant to the PostgreSQL community. But the policy at specifically prohibits publication of advertising in the portion of a blog that is syndicated to the Planet feed. It's recommended that blogs that may contain ads tag them appropriately, and provide a feed to the Planet without those entries included.

What happens to blogs that violate the site policies?

A first violation of the advertising policy will result in the blog entry with the ad being removed, and a warning e-mail sent to the listed owner of the blog.

A second violation will resulting in the blog being removed from the Planet PostgreSQL feed. After a two month suspension period, the blog owner can submit their blog address--or a new feed URL better tagged to filter out advertisements--for reconsideration.

A third violation in any year will result in a full 12 month suspension of the blog from Planet PostgreSQL.

Who makes the moderation decisions about the Planet content allowed?

Site maintenance and moderation duty is done by a small team of volunteer moderators, primarily made up of PostgreSQL contributors from various companies who are familiar with the policies of the PostgreSQL community.

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