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# Mason Sharp
# Mason Sharp
# Bruce Momjian
# Bruce Momjian
# Rafael Guembes
[[Category:PostgreSQL Events]]
[[Category:PostgreSQL Events]]

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PostgresXC Developer Meeting pgCon 2014

Tuesday, May 20th

9AM to 1PM

Followed by Clustering Summit at 2PM

University of Ottawa

Room: TBD

Sponsored by NTT Open Source

PostgresXC Day

9AM to 1PM

Same room as clustering summit.


1PM to 2PM

Lunch for those attending both the PostgresXC summit and the Clustering Summit

7PM to 9PM

PostgresXC Demo + Pizza


RSVP if you plan to attend. Please RSVP for this and the Clustering Summit if you plan to attend both, and want lunch.

  1. Koichi Suzuki
  2. Josh Berkus
  3. Mason Sharp
  4. Bruce Momjian
  5. Rafael Guembes
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