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* Joshua Drake
* Joshua Drake
* Marc Fournier
* Marc Fournier
* Stephen Frost
* Magnus Hagander
* Magnus Hagander
* Álvaro Herrera
* Álvaro Herrera

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Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure team is responsible for running all of the infrastructure. This includes a wide variety of public and non-public services. PostgreSQL website development is discussed on the pgsql-www mailing list. Source code for the web site is stored in a public GIT repository, and is available on [1]

Infrastructure Team Members

The following people are part of the sysadmin team running the infrastructure. Note that not all of those people do have root-level access on all servers.

  • Joshua Drake
  • Marc Fournier
  • Stephen Frost
  • Magnus Hagander
  • Álvaro Herrera
  • Stefan Kaltenbrunner
  • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Dave Page
  • Robert Treat
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