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This is the page for the CommitFest starting 2008 November.

Managers for this CommitFest are Josh Berkus (josh-at-agliodbs-com) and Dave Page (dpage-at-pgadmin-org).

Closed commitfest

This commitfest is now closed

All items in this commitfest have been reviewed and actioned. If you have a new patch to submit, please add it at CommitFestOpen.

Committed patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers
Common Table Expressions Committed 2008-10-04 Yoshiyuki Asaba

Jeff Davis

David Fetter says: README is here.
David Fetter says: Git repository is here.
David Fetter says: CTEReadme
David Fetter says: Fair Use from the draft SQL:2008 standard (WIP)
Review: tgl says: needs a good bit of work yet
Add default_val to pg_settings Committed 2008-10-06 Greg Smith

Simon Riggs,Magnus Hagander

Noisy _dosmaperror Committed 2008-10-16 Takahiro Itagaki

Tom Lane

Memory leak on hashed agg rescan Committed 2008-10-16 Neil Conway

Tom Lane

Review: Tom Lane says: move some logic to separate function
Atomic subtransaction commit Committed 2008-10-20 Simon Riggs

Alvaro Herrera

add placeholder variables to planner Committed 2008-10-22 Tom Lane


pg_hba options parsing Committed 2008-10-23 Magnus Hagander

Bruce Momjian

Robert Haas says: updated patch
libpq ssl -> clear fallback looses error messages Committed 2008-10-27 Magnus Hagander


better hba parsing error messages Committed 2008-10-27 Magnus Hagander


remove crypt authentication Committed 2008-10-28 Magnus Hagander


Unicode escapes in literals Committed 2008-10-29 Peter Eisentraut


User defined I/O conversion casts Committed 2008-10-31 Heikki Linnakangas


Updating FSM on recovery Committed 2008-10-31 Heikki Linnakangas


use new heap_(form/deform/modify)_tuple API Committed 2008-11-01 Kris Jurka

Zdenek Kotala

Zdenek Kotala says: It seems OK. Needs apply also pfree patch.
don't use MAKE_PTR/OFFSET for shmem pointers Committed 2008-11-02 Kris Jurka

Tom Lane

reducing statistics write overhead Committed 2008-11-02 Martin Pihlak

Tom Lane

Martin Pihlak says: Latest patch here
pg_typeof() Committed 2008-11-03 Brendan Jurd

Kurt Harriman

Kurt Harriman says: Updated patch is ready to commit if there is no objection
Fixes for psql describeOneTableDetails Committed 2008-11-03 Kris Jurka

Tom Lane

PageGetTempPage cleanup Committed 2008-11-03 Zdenek Kotala

Tom Lane

Zdenek Kotala says: Original discussion here
Allow the UUID type to accept non-standard formats Committed 2008-11-03 Robert Haas

Peter Eisentraut

array_ndims Committed 2008-11-04 Robert Haas

Peter Eisentraut

bulk inserts - keep most recent page pinned Committed 2008-11-06 Robert Haas

Tom Lane

Robert Haas says: based on work by Simon Riggs: original idea,original patch, Tom Lane's comments
Robert Haas says: Tom's comments on my design proposal are here
Robert Haas says: patch v2, adjusting for Heikki's changes to the ReadBuffer interface
ALTER DATABASE SET TABLESPACE Statement Committed 2008-11-07 Guillaume Lelarge

Bernd Helmle

Bernd Helmle says: Syntax discussion and updated version here
Guillaume Lelarge says: Updated version with SET syntax here
Bernd Helmle says: Updated version from Guillaume here
Guillaume Lelarge says: Updated version here
Tests citext casts Committed 2008-11-07 David Wheeler

Kenneth Marshall

SQL Standard Interval output and IntervalStyle GUC Committed 2008-11-08 Ron Mayer

Brendan Jurd

Ron Mayer says: Early updates here, here, and here. Mostly related to GUC changes.
Review: BJ says: Bug in output, stylistic suggestions
the mailing list says: Feedback from Tom L and Kevin G about mixed-sign intervals
Ron Mayer says: Updated patch here to fix -12:01:-30 bug and style suggestions from the review and to attempt to address feedback about mixed-sign intervals with doc updates.
Review: BJ says: One last typo in docs but otherwise all good; review complete
Review: Tom L says: Tom pointed out issues with pg_dump and restore into databases with a different interval style
Ron Mayer says: Speculating if an analogy with standard_conforming_strings applies to how we can handle dump/restore.
ISO 8601 interval literal input and output Committed 2008-11-10 Ron Mayer

Brendan Jurd

Ron Mayer says: The initial (2003) version of this patch along with a thread which explains the feature a bit more can be found here.
Robert Haas says: latest version
Review: BJ says: Code style and documentation suggestions
Ron Mayer says: Update here here that fixes style & docs; as well as a bug where the ISO8601 spec wasn't quite followed (an optional field was treated as required by previous patches).
Review: BJ says: Query behaviour of 'P0001', final doc cleanup suggestions
Ron Mayer says: Update here here that fixes 'P0001' and updated docs.
Interval rounding consistency Committed 2008-11-11 Ron Mayer

Brendan Jurd

Ron Mayer says: Patch 3 here refactors the interval code to remove much of the copy&paste in DecodeInterval and EncodeInterval with the side effect of making interval rounding more consistent between styles. This patch applies on top of the IntervalStyle patch and the ISO 8601 Interval patch.
Review: BJ says: Code style cleanups, a couple queries
array_length Committed 2008-11-12 Jim C. Nasby

Peter Eisentraut

Robert Haas says: I have reimplemented this in C
SSL cleanups/hostname verification Committed 2008-11-13 Magnus Hagander

Alex Hunsaker

Magnus says: Updated patch
Review: alexhun says: looks good
array_agg/array_accum Committed 2008-11-13 Robert Haas

Peter Eisentraut

Robert Haas says: another version and another one from Jeff Davis
contrib/auto_explain Committed 2008-11-18 Takahiro Itagaki

Jeff Davis

Jeff says: minor documentation edits by reviewer
Itagaki says: latest patch versions
clientcert option for pg_hba Committed 2008-11-20 Magnus Hagander

Unicron, Alex Hunsaker

Review: alexhun says: Quick review, new patch looks good
client certificate authentication Committed 2008-11-20 Magnus Hagander

Alex Hunsaker

Magnus says: Dependant on the "clientcert option for pg_hba" patch
Review: alexhun says: Looks good
TABLE command Committed 2008-11-20 Peter Eisentraut

Unicron, Robert Haas

Unicron says: Patch works per specification
Review: Robert Haas says: wrong non-terminal, needs doc and psql updates
adding VERBOSE option to CLUSTER Committed 2008-11-24 Jim Cox

Peter Eisentraut

regexp support in usermaps Committed 2008-11-28 Magnus Hagander

Gianni Ciolli

Magnus says: Updated patch
Gianni Ciolli says: The second version looks like ready to me.
pg_stop_backup wait bug fix Committed 2008-12-03 Simon Riggs

Ibrar Ahmed, Heikki Linnakangas

Robert Haas says: sriggs extracted this from recovery infrastructure patch per Heikki's suggestion
Robert Haas says: heikki has an updated version
Visibility map, partial vacuums Committed 2008-12-03 Heikki Linnakangas

Tom Lane

tgl says: updated patch here
tgl says: Nearly committable, some nits here
libpq callback unregistration Committed 2008-12-03 Bruce Momjian

Magnus Hagander

Magnus says: Needs more work, comments here
alvherre says: Bruce posted a new version, but it still needs some work
Magnus says: Updated patch
default values for function's parameters Committed 2008-12-04 Pavel Stehule

Peter Eisentraut

Pavel Stehule says: fix known bugs, currently only doc should be finished
Peter Eisentraut says: data type for catalog entries needs change
Robert Haas says: Pavel just posted a new version 2008-11-26
add columns via CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW Committed 2008-12-06 Robert Haas

Bernd Helmle

Robert Haas says: some further justification of the proposed design here
Robert Haas says: questions about how to move forward here
Robert Haas says: a similar feature request from Andrew Dunstan
Dave Page says: Bernd reports he has found some issues and expects to report to the list/Robert today 2008-11-27
Bernd Helmle says: Found a problem when using domains with constraints here
Robert Haas says: new version here 2008-12-01
Client SSL key/certificate/etc file name specification Committed 2008-12-15 Mark Woodward, Alvaro Herrera, Magnus Hagander

Magnus Hagander, Alex Hunsaker

Magnus says: Picked up from having been dropped from a previous commit fest, this is the latest updated version
Magnus says: Updated patch 2008-11-20
SQL/MED compatible connection manager Committed 2008-12-19 Martin Pihlak

Peter Eisentraut

Window Functions Committed 2008-12-28 Hitoshi Harada

Heikki Linnakangas, David Rowley, Tom Lane

Hitoshi Harada says: updated patch is here
Hitoshi Harada says: updated patch is here
Hitoshi Harada says: updated patch is here, still some issues on ntile and nth_value
Hitoshi Harada says: updated patch is here
Dave Page says: David reports that he's waiting on an updated patch from Heikki before continuing review 2008-11-26
Dave Page says: Heikki reports he's not currently reviewing this, but has refactored the code 2008-11-27
David Rowley says: Patch is getting close. Comments 2008-12-05
David Rowley says: Latest patch 2008-12-07. Ready for core member review
psql: reformat permissions in \l+ Committed 2008-12-31 Andreas Scherbaum

Tom Lane

ads says: feature already added in \z, still missing in \l+
contrib/pg_stat_statements Committed 2009-01-04 Takahiro Itagaki

Alex Hunsaker

CM says: Dec. 14 status check: have asked if we're still waiting.
Itagaki says: updated version here (2008-12-26).
Review: alexhun says: original review
Review: alexhun says: review and split int 3 patches
Review: alexhun says: looks ready for commiter, list of things I think a commiter needs too look at here
pg_dump roles support Committed 2009-01-05 Benedek Laszlo

Abhijit Menon-Sen

alvherre says: there's an updated patch, and some extra comments
Josh Berkus says: new version of Nov. 14
CM says: Dec. 14 Status Check: assigned reviewer for new version
tgl says: ams posted a slightly improved version of documentation here, but beware that this is not against the Nov. 14 update
tgl says: some gripes here
Solve a problem of LC_TIME of windows Committed 2009-01-09 Hiroshi Saito

Magnus Hagander

mha says: Even newer version here
CM says: Dec. 14 Status: looking for reviewer for new version
itagaki says: a new version of the patch here (2009-01-07)
magnus says: comments here, maybe go back to original method? (2009-01-07)
posix_fadvise Committed 2009-01-11 Gregory Stark

Robert Haas

Review: Robert Haas says: looks pretty clean, but needs some cleanup, maybe should be 2 patches
Robert Haas says: author still needs to rip out some more posix_fallocate stuff and maybe fine-tune the docs
CM says: Dec. 14 status: latest version needs review, perf. testing
Robert Haas says: I have re-reviewed this and posted a minor update to v23 of Greg's patch. I think it's ready for committer review. 2009-01-01
tgl says: mostly committed but there are still a couple of loose ends
LC_MESSAGES on Windows Committed 2009-01-21 Hiroshi Inoue

Magnus Hagander

saito says: looks at a good result.
magnus says: comments here.
itagaki says: Hiroshi sent a new version of the patch here
magnus says: updated patch here
Column-level Permissions Committed 2009-01-22 Stephen Frost

Markus Wanner, Alvaro Herrera, Tom Lane

Stephen Frost says: Updated patch here
Review: Markus Wanner says: Awaiting updated patch.
Stephen Frost says: Updated patch, again, here
Stephen Frost says: Updated patch, fixes case where unprivileged user can get row count, here
alvherre says: Updated patch
Robert Haas says: Stephen Frost agreed to make some minor changes 2008-11-25
CM says: Dec. 16 status: author will post patches RSN
tgl says: updated patch here
Review: Markus Wanner says: minor bugs revealed
Robert Haas says: I'm not sure that lack of support for joins is a "minor" bug
KaiGai says: This conceptual patch enables to solve the issue.
KaiGai says: Stephen Frost updated his patch. But, Kaigai pointed out it makes join-table matter again.
KaiGai says: Tom Lane suggested proper places to mark columns, and KaiGai submitted a proof of concept again, and a patch to care NATURAL/USING with JOIN.
KaiGai says: Jan.15 Stephen updated his patch.
Stephen Frost says: Jan.15, Updated patch and changelog here.
Peter E. says: being worked on by Tom: thread
tgl says: committed, but there's still some stuff to do
parallel restore Committed 2009-02-02 Andrew Dunstan

Kenneth Marshall

Josh Berkus says: new version which works with windows
CM says: Dec. 17 Status check: still debugging Windows operation
Josh Berkus says: new version, probably ready for commit.
tgl says: worked this over, new version here
autovacuum and reloption Committed 2009-02-09 Euler Taveira de Oliveira,Alvaro Herrera


alvherre says: new version, various fixes
CM says: Dec. 14 Status: still waiting on Alvaro review; assigned 2nd reviewer
alvherre says: I'm currently reworking this patch; reviewing is useless
Josh B says: new version
Robert Haas says: Alvaro committed a piece of this and split some reloptions stuff into a separate patch
alvherre says: updated generic reloptions patch
Robert Haas says: generic reloptions patch committed; not sure what remains to be done for 8.4
alvherre says: updated version; it also needs to be merged to this patch
Robert Haas says: Alvaro committed another piece of this
alvherre says: the supposedly-final version of the patch has been posted
updated hash functions Committed 2009-02-09 Kenneth Marshall

Jeff Davis

CM says: Jan.5: Jeff Davis *just* assigned. Give some time.
Jeff Davis says: Jan.9: new patch, reviewer comments
Jeff Davis says: Jan.10: microbenchmark shows benefit
Jeff Davis says: Jan.10: Must show randomness is not decreased: link
Jeff Davis says: Jan.10: Author's reply: link
Jeff Davis says: Jan.25: Detailed analysis of randomness by author: link
Jeff Davis says: Jan.27: Author slightly updated patch: link
Infrastructure changes for recovery Committed 2009-02-18 Simon Riggs

Tom Lane, Heikki Linnakangas

CM says: Dec. 17 status: Simon posted a bunch of patches in the last 3 days, some may be related
Robert Haas says: Heikki's latest patch
Improve Performance of Multi-Batch Hash Join for Skewed Data Sets Committed 2009-03-20 Ramon Lawrence/Bryce Cutt

Joshua Tolley,Robert Haas

Josh Berkus says: new version as of Nov. 24
Dave Page says: Josh reports performance testing is ongoing 2008-11-26
CM says: Dec. 15 status: Tolley busy. Added Robert Haas as 2nd reviewer
Robert Haas says: Bryce has posted a new version of this patch addressing many of my comments. still needs some hacking on the work_mem stuff
Robert Haas says: authors posted v5 patch which I cleaned up a bit. needs performance testing to make sure all works as advertised.
Robert Haas says: histojoin_v6 from Bryce Cutt
Robert Haas says: comments from tgl on v6
GIN fast insert Committed 2009-03-24 Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov

Jeff Davis,Robert Haas

Robert Haas says: some complaints from Heikki 2008-11-27
CM says: Dec. 14 status: queried reviewer for new review
Jeff Davis says: Jan 19: New patch from author: link. Works with lossy bitmaps now.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 19: New patch from author: v0.22. Leaves fillfactor out.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 21: New patch from author: v0.23. Forces cleanup after threshold is exceeded.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 23: New patch from author: v0.25. Uses pending list in gincostestimate.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 27: Teodor's performance test shows major benefit.
Robert Haas says: v0.26
Robert Haas says: I think this needs to do a better job coping with lossy TIDBitmaps
Robert Haas says: I managed to break the world (completely by accident)
Robert Haas says: Teodor says crashes are fixed in v0.27, but lossy tidbitmap issue still needs to be addressed
Robert Haas says: Teodor has just posted v0.28.1 and v0.28.2, ready for review
Robert Haas says: my review
Robert Haas says: Tom Lane thinks this should not be committed for 8.4 unless Teodor removes index scan support 2009-02-23
Robert Haas says: Tom Lane committed some unrelated changes extracted from this patch and posted what's left
B-Tree emulation for GIN Committed 2009-03-25 Teodor Sigaev, Oleg Bartunov

Jeff Davis,Ibrar Ahmed

Teodor Sigaev says: new version of btree_gin
Oleg Bartunov says: benefits of btree_gin
CM says: Dec. 15 status: still pending review. Pinged Jeff, assigned 2nd reviewer.
Teodor Sigaev says: updated patch
Jeff Davis says: Dec 28: Comments from reviewer and new patch merged with HEAD: link
Robert Haas says: Jeff Davis thinks this is almost ready for committer
Jeff Davis says: Jan 11: Updated version of patch by reviewer here.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 18: New version of patch by author here, supports numeric.
Jeff Davis says: Jan 19: New version of patch by author here. Fixed a couple problems.
tgl says: Mar 18: version 0.12 here

Returned with Feedback

Patch Status Author Reviewers
Simple postgresql.conf wizard WIP Greg Smith

Josh Berkus,Nathan Boley

Greg Smith says: Updated V2
Greg Smith says: Updated V3
CM says: Dec. 14 Status Check: continued discussion. Lauched dev. project on pgFoundry
new correlation metric Pending rework Jeff Davis

Brendan Jurd

In-place online upgrade Removed from queue per author Zdenek Kotala

Robert Haas

Zdenek Kotala says: This patch requires "htup and bufpage API clean up" and "HeapTuple version extension" patches. Git repository is here
Review: Robert Haas says: preliminary comments, still need a clean diff
Extending pg_class info + more flexible TOAST chunk size Removed from queue per author Zdenek Kotala

Robert Haas

tgl says: seems it'd be better to make TOAST chunks work like this
tgl says: Alvaro has a draft patch for that
Optimizing COPY with memchr() WIP Heikki Linnakangas

Robert Haas

tgl says: does this really need any more review at this point?
Robert Haas says: asked author for a status update
Robert Haas says: will not be ready for 8.4
grouping sets WIP Pavel Stehule

Ibrar Ahmed

Pavel Stehule says: doc and notes Grouping Sets
Pavel Stehule says: actualised patch
tgl says: Pavel says this is not intended for 8.4
Ibrar says: Review complete
Distinct types WIP Peter Eisentraut


Bernd Helmle says: Patch needs further work regarding indexing
tgl says: I don't think the type-system behavior has been thought through properly
htup and bufpage API clean up Waiting on author Zdenek Kotala

Robert Haas

Zdenek Kotala says: New version is here
Robert Haas says: author plans to resubmit but it's not his top priority 2008-11-26
CM says: Dec. 15: per Zdenek, this will not get done for 8.4; he is working on page reservation instead. Moving to returned queue.
Block-level CRC checks Waiting on author Alvaro Herrera


alvherre says: updated patch here
CM says: Dec. 14 status: author has halted work. Patch probably deferred to 8.5
Bruce Momjian says: The affect of hint bit changes needs more work.
Auto Partitioning Patch WIP Nikhil Sontakke

Jaime Casanova

jcasanov says: some comments here
Robert Haas says: a few more thoughts here
Josh Berkus says: supplemental patch by Emmanuel
CM says: Dec. 15 status: per Robert Haas, we lack a clear spec. Querying hackers on deferring to 8.5
CM says: Moved to Returned per contributors. Needs conceptual work before we go further with it.
Enable pl/python to return records based on multiple OUT params Returned for cleanup Hannu Krosing


Robert Haas says: Hannu is working on a new version
Robert Haas says: oh, i guess Hannu actually isn't working on a new version, but says the previous version is ready to go 2008-11-27
tgl says: as I read the above-linked message, Hannu is still working on it
CM says: Dec. 18 status: Hannu says patch basically ready to go except for 1-line fix, and that he will not do more work on it for 8.4
tgl says: If the author can't be bothered to make it roughly commit-ready, I don't see why the committer should have to.

pre-MED WIP David Fetter

Alex Hunsaker

David Fetter says: Updated patch here
Review: alexhun says: few questions and tgl had some constructive comments
CM says: Dec. 14 Status: no activity in 20 days, contacted author
CM says: According to TGL, this is really just a WIP and isn't anywhere near ready for commit.
Hash Join-Filter Pruning using Bloom Filters Removed from queue per author Jonah Harris


Uincron says: can be built successfully, and find no questions after a view of code
CM says: Dec. 14 status: still waiting on new patch from Jonah. Queried.
CM says: Author says on #postgresql that he will not complete in time for 8.4
On-disk bitmap indexes Removed from queue per author Gabriele Bartolini, Gianni Ciolli

Greg Stark (more welcome!)

Review: Teodor Sigaev says: several bugs
CM says: Dev. 20 status: Authors claim new patch by Jan. 15
Robert Haas says: won't be done for 8.4
Synchronous log-shipping replication Pending Review Masao Fujii

Heikki Linnakangas, Simon Riggs

fujii says: signal handling patch v2 here
fujii says: walsender process patch v1 here
fujii says: Synch Rep patch v2 here
fujii says: Synch Rep patch v3 here
Dave Page says: Heikki reports he is yet to review latest version. Is going to look at signal handling part, and commit first if OK 2008-11-27
fujii says: Synch Rep patch v4 here
Dave Page says: Simon reports his review is ongoing 2008-11-27
sriggs says: First Thoughts on Code
fujii says: I illustrated the architecture here
fujii says: The latest signal handling patch is here
CM says: Dec. 14 status: still active discussion about order of operations
fujii says: Synch Rep patch v0114 here
fujii says: Synch Rep patch v0128 here
Robert Haas says: postponed to 8.5
pg_upgrade script for 8.3->8.4 Needs rewrite Zdenek Kotala

Greg Smith, Peter Eisentraut

CM says: Dec. 14 status: needs more reviewers/testers. Recruiting
Peter E. says: trying rewrite in Perl
Hot Standby - queries during archive recovery Needs more work Simon Riggs

Koichi Suzuki,Heikki Linnakangas

sriggs says: Wiki contains dynamically updated list of outstanding items Hot_Standby
CM says: Dec. 14 status: queried author
Josh Berkus says: new version of patch
sriggs says: v6a now available at *Hot_Standby*
Robert Haas says: patch is up to v9g and reviewing continues 2009-02-24
Heikki says: Transaction tracking still needs more work. It's time to let 8.4 go and do this for 8.5 with more time
Reducing some DDL Locks to ShareLock Needs more testing Simon Riggs

Tom Lane

tgl says: v6 patch here
sriggs says: agreed rework to implement pg_domain constraint, but the main patch still needs review
tgl says: I think we'd decided to pass on the pg_constraint restructuring, at least for now
tgl says: partially applied, what's left is here
CM says: Dec. 14 status: no activity since 12/2, queried author
SE-PostgreSQL patches Needs more work Kaigai Kohei

Tom Lane, Simon Riggs, Bruce Momjian

KaiGai says: SEPostgreSQL is a draft of comprehensive document
CM says: Dec. 14 status: KaiGai is working on newer version
KaiGai says: Dec. 17: The latest patch set(r1324) enables to support simultaneous DAC and MAC. At Dec.21, a patch for documentation is revised (r1334)
KaiGai says: Jan. 14: Alvaro Herrera commented this. Then, KaiGai updated his patch set (r1408)
KaiGai says: Jan. 17: He summarized current status and previous discussions.
KaiGai says: Mar.3 The downsized revision(r1668).
KaiGai says: Mar.9 The latest patches (r1704) which eliminate "walker" code as Heikki suggested.
KaiGai says: Mar.11 Heikki suggested to separate a few permission, then KaiGai updated the patched(r1710).
KaiGai says: Mar.13 update the patches (r1714), without fixup requiredPerms/selectedCols on trigger invocatiion.
Proposal of PITR performance improvement pgfoundry, merge with HS & SR for 8.5 Koichi Suzuki

Simon Riggs,Heikki Linnakangas,Greg Stark,Itakagi Takahiro,Fujii Masao

Robert Haas says: V2 from patch author
CM says: V3 posted and Koichi needs to keep re-synching with Simon's work.
Koichi says: updated patch here (2009-01-20)
Robert Haas says: very latest version of V4 as of 2009-01-24
Robert Haas says: summary of previous reviews,rebase by Fujii Masao
Fujii says: latest version as of 2009-03-10
Robert Haas says: author will push to pgfoundry

Rejected Patches

Patch Status Author Reviewers
FAQ_Solaris 1.28 to spanish Rejected Emanuel CALVO FRANCO

Peter Eisentraut

Peter Eisentraut says: We are not ready to maintain translations of this type of material.
HeapTuple version extension + code cleanup Rejected Zdenek Kotala

Robert Haas

Review: Robert Haas says: proposed API seems too costly and fragile
Robert Haas says: I think we have consensus that this is not the right approach
Prepared transactions and temp tables Rejected Emmanuel Cecchet

Heikki Linnakangas

tgl says: new patch version here
Robert Haas says: new patch version from Emmanuel, who says he needs feedback from Heikki before proceeding further 2008-12-01
Heikki says: I think we need to take a completely different approach.
Support PLUGINS lines in Makefiles, similar to MODULES Rejected Asif Naeem

Robert Haas

Dave Page says: This doesn't work with the edb-debugger plugin, which is the only such plugin around AFAIK. It needs to ignore comments on the PLUGINS line, and handle multiple targets (plugin_debugger, pldbgapi, targetinfo etc). Not sure if we want that complexity though.
Heikki says: Unix-makefile version: here
Robert Haas says: waiting for response to email sent to author 2008-11-28
Robert Haas says: no response from author 2008-12-05
Automatic view update rules Rejected Bernd Helmle

Unicron, Robert Haas, Peter Eisentraut, Jaime Casanova

Bernd Helmle says: New version with RETURNING support here
Wolf Wei says: it can be built and executed successfully, automatic insert/update/delete on view based on single table can work
Review: Robert Haas says: fails regression tests, and a few other comments 2008-11-11
Robert Haas says: author plans to resubmit 2008-11-26
CM says: dec. 15 status: Bernd says new patch RSN
Bernd Helmle says: Updated version here
Jaime Casanova says: Some issues to be addressed here
Bernd Helmle says: New version here
Bernd Helmle says: Fix compiler errors here
Peter E. says: latest patch: here
Bernd Helmle says: needs different approach, discussion starts here
rmgr hooks and contrib/rmgr_hook Not wanted, needs better use cases Simon Riggs


sriggs says: deferrable, if required
tgl says: I think the plan is for this to wait till "infrastructure" patch goes in
Josh B says: New version of patch

Round Robin Reviewers

Name Status Reviewing Completed
Brendan Jurd Available 0 4
Jaime Casanova Available 1 1
Stephen Frost Available 11/15 0 0
Jeff Davis Available 0 5
Greg Stark Unknown 1 0
Abhijit Menon-Sen Unknown 0 0
Alex Hunsaker Available 0 6
Markus Wanner Cherry-picking 1 1
Ibrar Ahmed Available 1 2
D'Arcy Cain Unknown 0 0
Kenneth Marshall Available 1 1
Robert Haas Available 0 11
Matthew Wetmore Out-of-contact 0 0
Gianni Colli Available 1 0
"Unicron" Available 1 4
Pavan Deolasee Partly-Done 0 1
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