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(Comparison Matrix)
(Comparison Matrix)
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| [ Skytools]
| [ Skytools]
| [ walmgr3]
| BSD-ish
| BSD-ish

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Compare binary replication tools for PostgreSQL for features and ease of use.

The features these tools help automated include:

  • Managing binary backups (create, track, restore)
  • Managing creation of replicas
    • Streaming replication
    • Cascaded replication
    • WAL-shipping replication
  • Monitoring of replication delay
  • Automated failover
  • Automated "following" of a new master by secondary replicas

My goal is to classify and differentiate the various tools for easier selection and fit to purpose.

Comparison Matrix

Tool Documentation License Makes base backups Makes base backups from replicas Manages backups Creates replicas Monitors replication delay Supports automated failover
pgbarman Documentation GPLv3 Yes Yes Yes Manual No No
OmniPITR Intro PostgreSQL Yes Yes No Manual WAL archive delay No
pg-rman Readme BSD Yes Yes Yes Manual No No
repmgr Readme GPLv3 No No No Yes Yes Yes
Skytools walmgr3 BSD-ish


pgbarman Demo setup for pgbarman

Summary of features:

  • Creates base backups
  • Uses SSH as transport for backup
  • Configuration stored in file or command-line
  • Restore is automatable for creating replicas, although not explictly supported
  • GPLv3

Install notes:

  • Had a dependency problem with 9.1 on Ubuntu Precise, so installed from source
  • Missing dep for argcomplete, noted in README in demo repo
  • written in Python


OmniPITR Demo of a simple replication setup with OmniPITR

Summary of Features:

  • Creating PITR backups from Master or Slave
  • Restoring a PITR backup for DR
  • Creating replicas (by untarring backups)
  • Monitoring of replicas
  • Supports 'pause removal' of WAL during a backup (nice!)
  • PostgreSQL license

Install notes:

  • No packaging, perl
  • No documented support for streaming replication
  • Uses '^' instead of '%' in custom logfile naming
  • No configuration file option (instead of using long command-line options)
  • Supported on all Linux, Solaris variants


pg-rman Simple demo for pg_rman setup

Summary of features:

  • Online backup and recovery, including backup from a replica
  • Archive management and restore
  • .ini configuration file
  • Simple command-line options

Install notes:

  • Written in C, install with 'make USE_PGXS=1'
  • On Ubuntu/Debian, installs in non-default bin directory
  • Commands are simple, manages WAL archive as well as backups


repmgr Demo of a simple setup with repmgr

Supported features:

  • Setting up new replicas/hot_standby with streaming replication (makes recovery.conf itself)
  • Making base backups
  • Failover (automated, or not, including redirecting replicas to connect to a new master after failover)
  • Lag monitoring (repmgrd)
  • A "witness" DB server for monitoring (typically on a replica)
  • License: GPLv3

Install notes:

  • Written in C
  • Installs like a typical UNIX utility out of postgresql/contrib source tree (make USE_PGXS=1; make USE_PGXS=1 install)
  • Developed on Debian systems, so support for package is present. Did not find an Ubuntu package for repmgr, however.
  • Detailed docs are in the README for installing on many Linux platforms
  • Doesn't appear to be supported on Mac OS X

Skytools / walmgr




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