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16:10, 22 September 2011Serializable-transactions-are-here.odp (file)(thumbnail)76 KBKgrittn (Slides for Kevin Grittner's presentation on serializable transactions (from an application programmer perspective) at the Postgres Open 2011 conference.)1
16:20, 28 December 2010Serialization-Anomalies-in-Snapshot-Isolation.png (file)(thumbnail)856 KBKgrittn (Originally created by Kevin Grittner for presentation at conference in March, 2010. Modified by Kevin Grittner with a little more detail in December, 2010. No restrictions on copying.)1
22:54, 1 April 2010Kevin-Grittner.jpg (file)(thumbnail)31 KBKgrittn 1
22:37, 1 April 2010Transaction-Isolation-in-PostgreSQL.odp (file)(thumbnail)3.91 MBKgrittn (Slides from presentation from PostgreSQL Conference U.S. East 2010. Advanced talk by Kevin Grittner: Current Transaction Isolation in PostgreSQL and future directions )1

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