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22:17, 9 October 2014Powa dalibo.pdf (file)(thumbnail)95 KBDim (PoWA, par Thomas Reiss et Julien Rouhaud)1
22:16, 9 October 2014Meetup PostgreSQL - Partitionnement.pdf (file)(thumbnail)97 KBDim (Le partitionnement de tables démystifié, par Flavio Henrique Araque Gurgel)1
22:13, 9 October 2014Meetup Agregation Temporelle.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1,009 KBDim (Aggregation Temporelle sous contrainte d'IOPS, par Jean-Gérard Pailloncy)1
13:11, 24 October 2011Using-extensions.pdf (file)(thumbnail)541 KBDim 1
20:53, 8 December 2010PGDay2010-Extensions.pdf (file)(thumbnail)533 KBDim (PostgreSQL extensibility is remarkable but incomplete. It lacks dump and restore support. What that means is that once an extension is installed into your database, PostgreSQL currently has no idea of what SQL objects belongs to the extension rather itself, so the dump will contain the instructions to install the extension. That's only practical if you want to restore your dump targeting the very same extension's version, but when upgrading systems that's seldom what happens. This talk will detail how to fix this problem and more, explaining you how to benefit from the extensions capabilities for your own work within the database.)1
19:47, 15 May 2009Pgq.pdf (file)(thumbnail)232 KBDim (PGQ, Pretty Darn Quick, PGCON2009 edition )1
15:40, 23 April 2009Moskva DB Tools.v3.pdf (file)(thumbnail)488 KBDim (Database Tools by Skype, a presentation by Asko Oja)1
12:33, 22 October 2008Prato 2008 pgq batches.pdf (file)(thumbnail)231 KBDim (How to abuse PGQ for batches reliability needs? This talk show how to get daemons batches that are: * reliable, easy to monitor and control (logs) * out of a developer screen session * easy to stop & restart * reusing existing models)1
12:30, 22 October 2008Prato 2008 pgloader.pdf (file)(thumbnail)522 KBDim (Using pgloader to load your flat file data, whether they're real CSV, pretend to be CSV, or even fixed delimited fields, allow you to skip writing any sed helper script and to use all your systems CPUs.You'll discover exactly how to achieve this, and more, in this talk.)1
12:27, 22 October 2008Prato 2008 prefix.pdf (file)(thumbnail)652 KBDim (PostgreSQL extensibility allows ones to easily write custom indexing with GiST, for some value of "easy". This talk goes into some details of how to write a custom indexing solution and a custom varlena datatype.The talk will target the prefix project, allowing for prefix table look-ups. )1

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