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Hi All,

Does PostgreSQL run on Sun Solaris SPARC ?

To be consistent, I suggest changing "日本" (Japan, the country) to "日本語" (Japanese, the language) in the "Alternate Languages" section. Nicolas.barbier 21:01, 22 May 2011 (UTC)


I have added big para on BigreSQL, But look like it is not saved hence writing once again.

Bigresql = PostgreSQL engine + ProgresDB + BigData 

That is what I have visulazing and I am finding it is future for Postgres as opensource DB and it can take on any Appliance in that case and also support the Schema free Database.

I have complete a though process on this. I am interested to development of same before that I like to get community view on this,

Depend on response I will start giving detail design here. though I have already submiited my thought to Posgres Development team also.

Cheers Jayant Dani Solution Archiect Head of CoE Technology (Big Data, Mobility, Portal) TCS


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