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13:14, 19 July 2013Synchronous (file)(thumbnail)7 KBMasahikosawada (The patch for synchronous transfer.)1
18:26, 29 May 2013Pgcon 2013 similar images.pdf (file)(thumbnail)2.47 MBSmagen 1
18:18, 29 May 2013PG 2013 dev meeting - GIN generalization.pdf (file)(thumbnail)373 KBSmagen 1
01:48, 25 May 2013Pg testframework.pptx (file)(thumbnail)547 KBGalylee 1
04:40, 5 April 2013Pgday ar 2012 foto grupal.jpg (file)(thumbnail)37 KBReingart (PgDay Argentina 2012 Group Picture (organizers, speakers & special attendees))1
18:03, 25 March 2013PPCD.pdf (file)(thumbnail)4.75 MBDpage (Postgres Plus Cloud Database enables you to quickly and cheaply deploy self-healing, elastic, highly available PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server database clusters in cloud and virtualised environments, such as Amazon AWS. In this talk we'll look at the features offered, including: - Storage scaling and auto scale-out - Load balancing and high availability - Backup and cloning - Server configurability)1
15:42, 10 February 2013Sqitch-PgDay-FOSDEM2013.pdf (file)(thumbnail)157 KBAds (Name: Sqitch: VCS-enabled database change management, Event: FOSDEM PGDay 2013, Speaker: Ronan Dunklau)1
15:34, 10 February 2013Pg-as-nosql-pgday-fosdem-2013.pdf (file)(thumbnail)530 KBAds (Name: PostgreSQL as a Schemaless Database Event: FOSDEM 2013 Speaker: Christophe Pettus)1
12:31, 7 February 2013FOSDEM2013-Timelines.pdf (file)(thumbnail)94 KBHeikki 1
21:34, 6 February 2013Pgdg-apt-fosdem2013.pdf (file)(thumbnail)373 KBMyon (Christoph Berg: Making a Reality (PostgreSQL Devroom talk at Fosdem 2013))1
08:02, 5 February 2013Postgis 3d pgday2013 hm.pdf (file)(thumbnail)611 KBMhugo (3D and exact geometries fro PostGIS - Hugo Mercier - PGDay 2013)1
08:45, 4 February 2013Pagination Done the PostgreSQL Way.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1.06 MBMarkuswinand (Slides for Markus Winand's talk "Pagination Done the PostgreSQL Way" for PGDay on 1st Feb 2013 in Brussels.)1
18:33, 6 December 2012Web system pg wiki.png (file)(thumbnail)277 KBHenryhemma (The Web System at Younicycle, after login)1
09:44, 16 November 2012Oracle migration pgconf2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)318 KBAlexk ('Migration of Oracle queries to PostgreSQL' for PGConf.EU 2012)1
12:52, 14 November 2012EVENTO PGDAY mail.jpeg (file)(thumbnail)78 KBJcasanov 1
02:13, 13 November 2012PDXPUGSpeakerInfo.odt (file)(thumbnail)4 KBGabrielle 3
00:26, 10 November 2012Gnuthink logo.jpg (file)(thumbnail)34 KBJcasanov 1
09:34, 8 November 2012Logo 2ndQ.gif (file)(thumbnail)6 KBJcasanov 4
09:31, 8 November 2012Virtualsami logo.png (file)(thumbnail)11 KBJcasanov 2
01:22, 31 October 2012Pgxc HA 20121024.pdf (file)(thumbnail)656 KBKoichi (Postgres-XC high outline and high-availability)1
12:09, 30 October 2012Pgeu2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)4.51 MBRsunny (In technical applications, databases are rarely used to store measurements and metadata. This talk is about 3 technical projects with PostgreSQL as the core software component. - Wind Energy: Testing of large size bearings of wind mills. - Automotive Industry: Test center to improve corrosion behaviour. - Plant genetics: Automated mass phenotyping by machine vision. Details are discussed.)2
12:26, 28 October 2012Postbis pgcon eu 2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1.3 MBMschneid 1
21:54, 26 October 2012Index support for regular expression search.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1.58 MBSmagen 1
15:24, 26 October 2012Pgeu2012 rsunny.pdf (file)(thumbnail)5.96 MBRsunny (In research and development a reliable and stable storage of measured data and metadata is essential. Up to now these data are mostly stored in simple files. Metadata concerning the specimens are often handled by hand or calculation sheets. This talk is about three success stories of three different big technical projects. In these projects PostgreSQL is the core software component for storing all the data. Wind Energy: Testing of large size bearings of wind mills. Recently, Astraios – the most modern, largest, and highest performing large-size bearing test rig in the world - started operation. PostgreSQL has to store more then 3 Million measurement points every second continously over a periode of several weeks. In parallel, PostgreSQL has to retrieve the data for evaluation. We explain our technology in effiently handling these hugh amounts measurements. Automotive Industry: Test center to improve corrosion behaviour The AUDI INKA test simulates the whole life of a car within 19 weeks. This is achieved by a well defined sequence of special intensive treatments. The timestamps of all the treatments of the all cars are also stored in the database. Special functionalities of PostgreSQL makes evaluation mutch faster and easier compared to other solutions. Plant genetics: Automated mass phenotyping by machine vision At the Gregor-Mendel-Institute in Vienna, the relation between apearance and genetics of plants is investigated. In each experiment, the data of more then thousend individual plants have to be administrated. A robotic system takes pictures of each plant at least twice a day. Beside the climatic data and the results of the online machine vision evaluation, all taken images are stored in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL makes it possible to setup an efficient statistical evaluation of the experiment, considering all the relations between the aquired data and metadata. )1
13:26, 26 October 2012Pg-fdw.pdf (file)(thumbnail)446 KBPsoo (Writing A Foreign Data Wrapper)1
12:45, 26 October 2012Pgconfeu-2012-docbot-print.pdf (file)(thumbnail)196 KBAds (Lightning Talk: #PostgreSQL pg_docbot European PostgreSQL Conference 2012, Prague)1
12:15, 26 October 2012PGconEU2012-KaiGai-PGStrom.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1.39 MBKaigai (PG-Strom - �GPU Accelerated Asynchronous�Query Execution Module by KaiGai, at PGconf.EU 2012)1
10:13, 26 October 2012Pg xnode pgconf 2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)263 KBA.houska 1
10:04, 26 October 2012Full-text search in PostgreSQL in milliseconds-extended-version.pdf (file)(thumbnail)582 KBSmagen 1
16:58, 25 October 2012Pgconf2012 sprocwrapper.pdf (file)(thumbnail)894 KBJanmussler 1
16:26, 25 October 2012Indexy.pdf (file)(thumbnail)109 KBOkbobcz (presentation "Indexy jsou grunt" from 2012)1
16:23, 25 October 2012Plpgsql internals.pdf (file)(thumbnail)163 KBOkbobcz (presentation "plpgsql internals" from 2012)1
12:00, 25 October 2012Marketing-postgres.pdf (file)(thumbnail)7.78 MBJkatz05 1
10:08, 25 October 2012Universal Data Access with SQL MED.pdf (file)(thumbnail)3.85 MBDfetter 1
08:06, 25 October 2012Pgconfeu12-collectd+psql.pdf (file)(thumbnail)2.46 MBTokkee 1
14:34, 24 October 2012Range-types.pdf (file)(thumbnail)3.56 MBJkatz05 1
08:26, 19 October 2012Postgres-xc-sharednothing-pgopen2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)174 KBAmitdkhan (This file was used for the presentation of Postgres Open 2012 talk: A Shared-nothing cluster system: Postgres-XC)1
05:01, 12 October 2012PostgreSQL on ZFS.pdf (file)(thumbnail)1,005 KBKlpaskett (Slides from PostgreSQL on ZFS tutorial. Slides include a link to an updated Virtual Machine which includes scripts and exercises from the tutorial.)1
04:54, 10 October 2012PGXC Scalability PGOpen2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)211 KBAshutosh_bapat (Postgres-XC is write-scalable, shared nothing cluster solution based on PostgreSQL. The talk describes, how to achieve higher throughput by distributing or replicating data wisely in Postgres-XC and effects of such data layout on the performance.)1
23:05, 24 September 2012Logging pgopen withnotes.pdf (file)(thumbnail)2.65 MBGabrielle 1
20:16, 19 September 2012Pg security 20120917.odp (file)(thumbnail)293 KBSfrost (AuthN / AuthZ Slides)1
16:44, 19 September 2012OO approach.pdf (file)(thumbnail)160 KBBenoit 1
15:43, 19 September 2012Ha postgres.pdf (file)(thumbnail)130 KBBonesmoses (* Fixed mistake with postgresql service management. * Added drbd service startup before setting service primary.)2
16:46, 18 September 2012Range-types-pgopen-2012.pdf (file)(thumbnail)3.34 MBJkatz05 1
21:10, 12 September 2012Oracle-better-than-postgres.pdf (file)(thumbnail)74 KBRstephan 2
09:21, 31 August 2012Design.jpg (file)(thumbnail)64 KBApendix 1
20:47, 27 August 2012Vacuumindex.pdf (file)(thumbnail)4.05 MBMiracee (Spülvorgänge und Seifenblasen)1
16:28, 13 June 2012Conference.gif (file)(thumbnail)201 KBGalylee 1
16:21, 13 June 2012Training.gif (file)(thumbnail)171 KBGalylee 1
10:20, 25 May 2012A-488.pdf (file)(thumbnail)257 KBIntgr 1

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